Apple Vision Pro vs Quest 3: The Ultimate VR Battle With Tech Giant

Before arguing about when is Apple vision pro coming out and When will meta quest 3 come out? You must know some vital factors to purchase the best device that fulfills your requirements.

The ultimate faceoff of both grand technologies is getting hype as Apple is one of the high-end brands, whereas Meta Quest is known for its new technique and execution. So which one is the best, and which one do you bet on, Apple Vision Pro or Meta Quest 3?

Multiple people are comparing hardware, technology, audio, and eye-tracking features, but which metaverse will grab your attention? The digital battle is getting crazy as both companies present revolutionary experiences extending the boundaries of virtual interaction.  

Let’s embark on the debate about the fierce rivalry between the new Meta Quest 3 and the new Apple vision pro because, on the one hand, Mark Zuckerberg and, on the other side, Tim Cook are ready to set fire to their product. 

Below I have created the table to refresh the comparison of the Apple Vision Pro vs. Meta Quest 3 spaces features.  

FeatureMeta Quest 3Apple Vision Pro
ChipsetQualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 1x M2 chip, 1 x R1 chip
Display TypeOled or mini-Led 120Hz (ATR)Miro-OLED
Resolution of Display4,128 to 2,208 pixels per eyePer eye 4K with a brightness of 5000 nits
LensPancake opticsPancake optics
Battery life3 Hours2 Hours 
Storage128 GB, TBA larger SizeTBA
Refresh Rate120HzUnknown
Weight301.8gApproximately 1 Pound
PassthroughBy defaultBy default
Mixed RealityFull-color passthroughMixed Reality
FOVAround 100 degreeTBA

Let’s look at another two VR headsets! Apple Vision Pro Vs Meta Quest Pro

meta quest 3

Releasing date 

Let’s start with the release date of both devices to compare which company is more dedicated and fast working to establish their product on the market. If you are curious about when it is meta quest 3 coming out and if Meta Quest 3 pre-order is available, then I got your back. 

You will be enlightened that the meta quest 3 release date is around the corner this (2023) year. We all know that both devices serve the best and create something that is very useful, fulfills every spectrum, and serves different criteria. 

I think the Meta Quest 3 release date is all about beating the clock so they can establish their device on the market sooner. Nonetheless, Apple confirms that the Apple vision pro release will be around the early next year, 2024, and Apple Vision pro-pre-orders through their website, but it’s not officially any news for now. 

Yet, I’m impressed that Apple has established the most attention by relieving details about the headset and reliable software. This information grabs the most attention; you can even mentally connect with the device before buying it.

Whereas Meta has yet to release much about the device, we have minimal information to discuss. Additionally, it all depends on the performance, striking design, price range, software, etc. And don’t worry; I have collected authentic and most recent details about the products and keep updating the article with new information.  

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apple vision pro
meta quest 3

Comparing the Mixed Reality

Both of the companies are reshaping their device according to the audience spectrum. The Apple Vision Pro focuses on entertainment and productivity to foray into mixed reality to naturally integrate with people. The plus point is that you can watch everyone on the other side, and they can see your eyes. 

In contrast, Quest 3 predecessor is heaven for gamers for supporting browsing apps and other activities. Due to its color quality video passthrough and representing environment feature leading in VR capabilities. 

Although Vision Pro has twelve cameras and six microphones, Quest 3 embraces monochrome and color cameras with depth sensors for better-mixed reality features.  

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Differentiating Specs Quality

Upcoming VR headsets are setting their mark on the audience by specs design, but what does it serve, and which is better? So, let’s start the battle of specs, quality, and performance, which have been revealed through the companies or collected from other authentic sources. 

Meta Quest 3 Specs has a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset, doubling the graphics performance with promising audio quality. A depth sensor and the standard camera are installed in it, too, for the first time, which is a great attraction for the gaming experience. 

The brand new feature that is about to be launched from Quest 3 is a full-color video passthrough camera feature. Whereas Apple vision pro specs have confirmed most of the details about the device, it will serve 4K resolution per eye for an outstanding experience. Apple Claimed, “to be better than 4K resolution.”

Undoubtedly, Apple has one of the most powerful chips due to the M2 chip and R1 Apple Silicon chip for 3D interface and creating surroundings naturally. Making it low latency for multiple cameras, and the LiDAR sensor executes 3D maps according to the environment around you.

Although the M1 chip will justify and power the spatial audio system, the Meta Quest 3 XR processor computes three times faster than previous generation chips. Only time will tell which chip and device can rule the market.  

Different Hardware Design 

Apple Vision Pro vs. Meta Quest 3 headset design greatly impacts us. But, I have listed some points, such as it must be lighter, attractive, and adjustable for comfort. So, which brand serves the great headset and focuses on these details?

Apple has ruled our hearts for a million years due to its sleek and modern design. However, the Vision Pro has a vividly perfect design with a fusion of an Apple watch and a curved iPhone resembling the digital crown. 

Comparatively, the Quest 3 predecessor has controllers to track hand and finger movements with advanced meta Quest 3 controllers for a brilliant gaming experience. There is another huge design gap which is the weight, meta oculus quest 3 is around 301.8 grams, and it is confirmed that it is 40% lighter than Quest 2.

Apple holds 1 pound weight because frames are manufactured from Aluminum alloy material. Giving the face and neck stress which might be considered as a drawback. But Quests doesn’t take the stack over here, as Vision Pro display and power processing hardware quality might knock out the Quest 3. 

Oculus / Meta Quest 3 vs Apple Vision Pro Performance 

Already people on Twitter raise their eyebrows at both devices’ performance for ample reasons. Meta has announced his third-generation headset, promising improved technology and performance that will leave you speechless. 

Meta quest pro vs. Quest 3, multiple users compare them to what makes Quest 3 special and different. Only time will tell, but we have RGB color dual camera and video passthrough that render the real world on a serious note. 

On the contrary, Apple’s VR headset features eye motion traction, and if you have purchased Apple ecosystem, it will be more intuitive for you. Apple’s headset will be controller free, and you can access it through voice, fingers, and hand gestures despite Quest 3 having controllers for accurate motion tracking. 

Vision Pro has new features that will mesmerize you and keep you engaged. Such as animated Memoiji for Facetime calls and enjoying Apple Shareplay to watch movies together in VR. Whereas Oculus Meta 3 does not contain an external screen to show your face while wearing it. 

Software Ecosystem of Both Brands

Hardware and design can strike attention, but it all depends on the software and technology development in the long run. The software and ecosystem of the device overshadow the hardware issues, so brands ensure to install top-notch tech so you won’t get bored. 

The industry of VR and AR has pushed to determine more significant success after Apple entered the market. And it is for the best, as more competition can bring great tech innovations, leading to the creation of better devices. This evolves VR and AR technology, and at the end of the day, we will benefit from excellent products that provide an immersive digital experience. 

So, you can easily work remotely at home or the office and enjoy your leisure time on the weekend. AR and VR are the main sectors that both companies claim to serve the best, which is what we want from both sides. Apple Vision Pro heralds the VisionOS operating system, which is similar to the iOS system and has numerous things to share with you. 

As per Apple Vision Pro leaks, it has an app store embedded with various games or applications from the first day. To name a few, you can access Disney+, iPad games, Microsoft’s Office Suite, Safari web browser, FaceTime, and many more. It will be available in the 3D interface, heaven for gamers, as you can enjoy Apple arcade games on flat, floating screens. 

Apple also hammers the platform with Spatial Computing, a great ecosystem with special hardware and software experience. It focuses on gaming, productivity, and entertainment. Although Apple can access the iOS ecosystem, Meta Quest does not host such magnificent features.

On the other hand, we have meta oculus quest 3, which continues Android Lineage for profitable business from many years in VR and AR market. Additionally, it has developed a long-standing and robust gaming and application library for you, which Vision Pro still struggles to accomplish. 

The Meta Quest 3 headset will be affordable with a user-friendly manual and brilliant ecosystem software for longer thrive. Although the quantity of apps and games doesn’t define ecosystem software, utility and quality do. And both brands have achieved our trust in tracking high-quality performance in every platform so you can enjoy a genuine experience. 

According to the survey, devices that don’t impress you or fulfill the requirements end up in the drawer after six months. What I’m trying to address here is that both brands must focus on software that can serve entertainment and business purposes. 

Apps and Games

I must admit this, for gaming purposes, Meta Quest 3 has a stronger game over Apple’s Vision Pro due to improvements in tracking and sensor systems. And now Touch Plus controllers are combined with haptic feedback, making the gaming experience more inevitable. 

As per Apple vision pro leaks, it focuses more on communications and productivity than gaming. Still, some News is circulating that you might look forward to more than Candy Crush Saga in 2024. The Apple headset will support hundreds of existing Apple Arcade games

According to Meta Quest 3 leaks, there are never-ending games, but officially, they have finalized sixteen games and reimagined classics with new titles. Here are some that I’m excited about, and you will learn more about in this article. 

  • Asgard’s Wrath 2
  • Assassin’s Creed: Nexus VR
  • Stranger Things VR
  • Vampire: The Masquerade Justice 
  • Unbreakable

Affordable Price Range

All in all, the range of the device matters as you don’t want to get bankrupt! Meta Quest 3 price is available at an affordable price of just $499. Oculus Quest 3 seems promising and doesn’t stretch your pocket compared to Apple Vision Pro. 

On the other hand, Apple Vision Pro’s price is way too high, which isn’t surprising because it is known for high-end prices with sleek design patterns. Vision Pro is 3,499 $ worth of investment, and as the release date is approaching, Apple must upscale the VR market to justify the device being so costly. 

Although, Meta has played another clever shot: the company has lowered the price of Meta Quest 2. So people with a tight budget can also enjoy the VR adventure. 

apple vision pro battery
Image – Apple

Battery Usage

As we all know, mixed reality and high performance with multiple tasks eat the battery life, so developing reliable batteries can save the day. Both brands come across with plug-in battery packs, but as we all know, Apple’s battery drains faster through devices like iPhones or iPads. 

Furthermore, Apple Vision Pro can be accessed wirelessly or wired for two hours, yet, Meta can be used for 3 hours on a single charge. These packed and compact batteries are easy to carry while traveling or taking the headset anywhere. For longer-running gadgets, keep the device wall plugged in for better battery life and a longer run. 

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Both companies are head-to-head competing to win your heart! But the mystery will be solved after the launch of Meta Quest 3 and Apple Vision Pro device as we can conclude which is the best after trying personally. 

For now, both brands seem like they will blow our minds with their amazing software, performance, design, and color passthrough. Well! We are holding our breath and waiting for meta quest 3 to release the headsets so we can explore what makes it brilliant and why the company isn’t releasing much information about it.

Also, next, we will receive Apple’s vision pro device to compare them, but until then, we can enjoy the details about the awaiting headset. You can share your thoughts about what you think about both devices and what your expectations are. 

Keep your eyes on this article’s website; we have mentioned some important details about Meta Quest 3 and Apple Vision Pro headsets. Also, we will update the pieces as we get some more authentic and juicy News.  

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