Oculus 2 Charging Issues: What to do to fix them?

More often than not, people have been facing charging issues with Oculus 2 being not charged properly. Here, we will help you troubleshoot charging issues with your Oculus Quest 2 and get your virtual reality headset back up and running. Fortunately, there are a few simple solutions to the most common causes of your Quest 2 not charging, so you should be back to enjoying VR in no time.

How to Fix a Non-Charging Meta/Oculus Quest 2?

There are a few simple things you can try if your Quest 2 isn’t charging, and they should solve the vast majority of cases. In this article’s first section, you’ll learn about the top 9 strategies for resolving the great majority of charging complications. After that, I answer several of the most often asked queries about Quest 2 charging issues.

Verify All Connections

First, check for a loose connection if you have plugged in your Oculus Quest 2 to the charger but still don’t see any charging light or other indicators that it is charging. Double-check that the Quest 2’s charger is firmly plugged into the wall socket and that the USB cable connecting the charger and your device is properly placed into both devices.

Keep in mind that the Quest 2 requires roughly 2.5 hours to charge from completely dead to fully charged if the charging process seems to be taking forever.

Verify Your Headset’s Temperature

If the Oculus Quest 2 headset or the ambient temperature is too high, charging will not take place. Stop charging your headset until it cools down if it gets too hot to touch.

For optimal performance, keep Quest 2 within a temperature range of 32 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit (0 to 40 degrees Celsius). A built-in temperature sensor in your Quest 2 prevents the battery from charging if it ever gets too hot.

 Stop charging immediately and power down if the headset begins to overheat. Before trying to charge your headset again, be sure there is no damage to either the headset or the charger and allow it to cool down.

Look For Breaks In The USB Cable

A broken USB-C charging cable is a typical cause of the Oculus Quest 2 not charging. First, make sure the USB-C cable is in good working order by inspecting it for any obvious damage.

A broken cable could potentially cause your Quest 2 to charge in fits and starts, or to stop charging altogether at different spots on the device. You can try carefully repositioning the cord so it exits the charger in a straight line to see if that activates the charging indicator. If that’s the case, you should probably just replace the cable.

If your headset isn’t powering on, try charging it while it’s off first. If that does the trick, let the headset charge completely before using it again. If this doesn’t work, restart your headset and try charging it again.

Check Your Quest 2 Adapter

While there are a variety of USB-C chargers that will work with your Quest 2, Meta suggests using the genuine Quest 2 charger whenever possible, especially if you’re having problems.

 The official charge time of roughly 2.5 hours for the Quest 2 may take significantly longer than that if you are using an older USB charger that does not have fast-charging capabilities. Furthermore, I have learned from many sources that the Quest 2 is incompatible with earlier USB-C chargers.