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We Love To Work In A Team

Team output is better than a single brain! We are dividing and sharing our projects with each other. Let’s acquainted with all of them.

Luna Lina

Research & Content Editor

Victoria Risteska is a tech journalist, who is very talented in VR/AR, and now she is working on entertainment, education & business VR aspects, and how we are acting with virtual reality in our daily life.

Harper Russo

Senior Content Editor

As a journalist, Russo worked as a journalist, editor, and creative writer in the technology and gaming industries.

Victoria Risteska

Writer & Proofreader

With her background in VR and gaming, Risteska is VRTier content specialist. When she reported on the launches of major VR headsets in 2016, her love for VR began. She has flourished as our content producer, and she can showcase how far it has come.