Best VR Games for Couples to Spend Romantic Times Together

VR games are getting more and exciting by spreading into different categories like fitness, entertainment, action and most recently romantic couple games.

If you are into VR gaming, then you might be on the lookout for fun and chill VR games to play with your boyfriend/girlfriend and most importantly Wife.

If you’re a family man, do check out some of the best family friendly games available on oculus store.

In fact recently my girlfriend has finally got her quest 2 and we’ve been actively looking for some fun games to play together. After looking and reading lots of reviews of these games, I’m ready to share with you my top 10 vr games to play with your girlfriend/boyfriend or just a friend to relax and spend some quality time together.

Here are top 10 Perfect VR games for two people

  • Eleven Table Tennis
  • Demeo
  • Walkabout Mini Golf
  • Catan
  • Bowl Racket: NX
  • Chess Club –
  • Sports Scramble
  • Tsuro
  • Real VR Fishing

The Oculus Quest 2 has integrated a really amazing function called app sharing which allows you to share the games that you have bought on your account with one additional facebook account.

This thing works out perfectly if you have a permanent VR gaming buddy so that you never have to buy one and the same game twice.

So, let us start with a list of top 10 relaxing multiplayer VR games that are perfect for chatting and bonding while playing.

If you found out your partner is not into romance type of games, try some VR Zombie games which won’t let you sleep.

Eleven: Table Tennis

Eleven table tennis is a multi-lingual game where you can play in English, Chinese (China), Dutch, French (France) and 15 more language.

This game is very much focused on multiplayer mode. You can play against the AI version of your Oculus Quest Avatar, or with your online friends or partner that are living far from you.

Apart from playing with your partner, both of you will likely miss a lot of shots, but if you stick with it both of you can expect a decent workout together.

The AI opponent you play against is one tough cookie. You can play with AI while youre waiting for your partner to join. After several hours, I was able to beat the AI on Easy.

Developers spent a lot of time working on the physics of this game, and they even participate in an active discord server.


Demeo recreates all the fun of tabletop dungeon crawling adventures to a digitally simplistic pc game you can play with friends, partner, family on the pc or in the virtual reality headset.

When starting a skirmish you can choose between three adventures the black sarcophagus the realm of the red king and roots of evil each adventure offers different style dungeons enemies and different end bosses now don’t think this is a full RPG game in where you have to set attributes.

Each hero has their own deck of cards that you can use in your turn to do damage heal or summon friends for your conquest to glory you will encounter many enemy NPCs but also gold you can grab and are chests that give you an extra card instantly.

If you hate NPCs like me, stop playing this game and look at 10 best VR shooter games to shoot some real players.

Walkabout Mini Golf

Walkabout Mini Golf allows you to play solo, challenge other online users, or invite up to five friends including your gf/bf to play against. It also accommodates all players, with left-handed or right-handed options, and adjustable shaft length.

Unlike real-world golf, teleportation is the only method of movement in this game. Players who prefer playing while seated may struggle more when aiming their shots.

The sound design of the golf course includes elements such as crashing waves, water droplets, the crackle of fires and even sounds from cicadas, birds, and other animals.


I love playing Catan in virtual reality because it allows me to play with just one friend and an AI and it builds real life skill as the physics is very realistic.

The VR version of Catan allows you to jump in the game with just one friend and the third or fourth spot will be filled with an AI.

No joke my girlfriend and i have been playing Catan for several nights in a row when we first discovered it because we could finally enjoy this game with just the two of us playing. If you want, instead of an AI you can invite a random player online and maybe even make a new friend.

Racket: NX

Racket in X is an amazing game that is a cross between racquetball and pinball and the gameplay is amazing. You can adjust the audio levels for the sound effects, the voice chat, and the music and you can even change the music.

You’ve got arcade, solo and multiplayer, and classic mode looks really good to play with your partner.

When I first heard about Racket: NX, I thought it was just another version of Racket Fury.

Racket: NX is a combination of racquetball and pinball, but the arena is a giant geodesic globe and you have to turn around quite a bit during gameplay.

The game has pinball elements, but it lacks the whimsy of a pinball machine and gives off a more intense feeling.

Chess Club

Chess Club performs very well in all areas, including the features, the presentation and the overall substance of the given take. If you know how to play chess, start playing with your partner to test both of your chess skills.

Odders’ Chess Club is a bit of an odd one for VR gaming, but it fills a gap in the market with ease. It offers varying levels of AI opponents and multiplayer support for the full experience with friends.

The strictest, most down-to-earth chess experience is here, with traditional pieces or fantasy-themed animated pieces. The animations are really well done, and the overall visual design is really well done.

If you’re angry after failing in chess, there you go, check some VR Boxing Game to improve your muscle power.


Tsuro – The Game of the Path is a board game that combines the tranquil atmosphere of a meditation garden with highly strategic gameplay from the popular board game of the same name. No doubt you and your partner will enjoy playing this game.

The game allows you to explore the serene environment presented within the game and even seek out hidden gemstones to be used as playable tokens. However, the game does not allow for locomotion, so you must teleport to platforms to gain a better perspective.

Whether you’re familiar with Tsuro or not, you’ll likely find it easy to jump right in and enjoy it, although mastering the game will take much longer.

Real VR Fishing

Real VR Fishing starts in a fishing lodge, with a wall display acting as the menu system. It is clean and stylish, but let down by the weird blippy noise that accompanies button presses.

Once out on the water’s edge, Real VR Fishing is immediately lovely to look at, with beautiful sound design and realistic graphics. The angling itself is excellent, with ample visual prompts for when to pull and in which direction, and a circular meter ending in a red zone to show line tension.

Real VR Fishing supports custom music. You can play atmospheric SFX until you catch a fish, then mildly tense music kicks in, or a nice relaxing time on the riverbank.

Do you know? Among Us VR is soon releasing on oculus quest 2.