7 Best VR Drum Games to Improve Drumming Skills

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to play drums inside virtual reality? What if you could create your own virtual drum kit that you could play at home or wherever you wanted to?

VR gaming is getting more an more popular these days. People who are more into creating a career on drumming often ask if there are any good VR drumming games available? Yes, there are some absolutely addictive drum games which can make you pro in weeks.

While some people love to play VR boxing game, VR fitness game and VR zombie games there are a lot of musician that are heavily interested in VR drum games where they can practice by playing any drums like Congos, Bongos, Tabla and even Pandeiro for example.

In this Post we’ll be taking about these 7 best VR Drum Games:

  • Smash Drums
  • Drummer Talent VR
  • Ragnarock
  • Paradiddle
  • DrumBeats VR
  • Drums Hero PC
  • Happy Drummer PSVR

These VR games will let you sit behind some drumkit where each drum has it’s fixed position and you get to select types of drums within the game. Drum games are like Beat Saber rhythm game, you need to keep moving your controller to increase the amount of fun.

So, lets move on to the details of these amazing VR drum games for Oculus Quest headset.

Check out the entire list of the Rock Band VR song list to have some information on which beat you wanna play on these games.

Smash Drums

Smash drums is my new favorite VR game so far i’ve played in 2022. It captures the magic of rock band and guitar hero when they were at their peak a fantastic soundtrack brilliantly intuitive and responsive controls and that one more song mentality made it the best rhythm game.

This game is pretty much beat saber for drummers. Just make sure you have enough room around you and are in good physical condition to keep beating the drums.

You have to play the drums very linearly, like timpani, and then the other drums. You will feel the vibrations from the sticks, so technically you will not feel like stopping your sticks.

Drummer Talent VR

Drummer Talent VR is a VR music game in which players use VR controllers to hit on virtual drums and cymbals. This game allows you to choose the stage and music you wish to play.

Drummer Talent VR allows you to choose a stage from a variety of different locations and choose which tracks you want to play. Getting familiar with a song’s rhythm in Easy mode is a good first step before you tackle it on Hard mode.

The music is all manually created to ensure the highest possible quality.

Ragnarock VR

Ragnarock VR is a rhythm game where you beat four drums to a various collection of songs to motivate your viking crew to row your little speedy race boat to glory.

You beat the notes sliding towards you to increase your score, but you don’t know what to do with flowing balance. You smack one of the symbols to either side of your crew to give them an extra boost to cruise even greater speeds.

Ragnarock is a rhythm game with some positives but some negatives as well the game can be finicky about the angle of the hammer you bring down on the drum and the scale of difficulty ramps up like a son of a gun but it is polished enough that you should have fun.


Eyes on VR presents paradiddle, a free to play virtual drum kit simulator. You can set up a drum kit manually or select from a couple of presets, and you can play with famous drummers’ kits.

This game solves the problem of learning drums quite nicely if you put some headphones in and off you go it’s really responsive which is nice one thing I did find was that there is a bit of a delay with the first hit.

Paradiddle also offers MIDI and USB device input, so users can trigger their own sound samples.

We all know that Drum kits are costly, take up space, and are loud. So, i think the Paradidle is offering a good way to practice drums without having to spend thousands.

DrumBeats VR

Drum Beats VR is a virtual reality game where you are given a complete set of drums and makes you feel like you are actually playing the drums.

This game is very well optimized for what it is, I’m not getting any motion sickness, and it’s very fun to play. The flame effects are a little disorienting, but overall I’d say it’s a good game to learn how to drum.

You have to hit the right beats at the right time to get the perfect score.

Drumbeats allows you to connect a foot pedal via USB and you can change the speed from 100 to 110. But I wouldn’t suggest that unless you’re a mature guy and you love buggy stuff or you love anything made by Microsoft.

Drums Hero PC

Drums Hero VR is a game that was released in 2017 and is a drumming game that has a dedicated VR machine and the ability to actually sit down beat some drums.

The music in this game is fantastic and the whole mechanics of the drumming are really good.

The graphics are splashy, but the game uses the original cover art for the albums, which doesn’t match with the game.

It’s my understanding that this game will work with a gamepad, keyboard and mouse, or a VR device, and you can play it seated, standing, or in room scale. Overall I feel the music is so damn good, and the game is so fun to play.

Happy Drummer PSVR

Happy drummer is a PlayStation VR game that challenges you to hit the right drum at the right time and with both sticks.

The game is pretty easy on normal difficulty but the challenge ramps up significantly on hardened in lunatic modes.

There are two stages and each contains four songs for three difficulty levels. Each the hardest level is aptly named lunatic and induces a sense of other hopelessness as you try to keep up with the prompts.

The last song in the game is probably the hardest one, and you have to get 100 combo 50 times to get the trophy, but it’s fun and the vibration and the sound make you feel like you’re actually getting a drum.