Best Spider-man VR Games: How To Get Them On Quest 2?

Almost everyone in our generation, including us, has attempted to be like Spider-Man at some point.

At last, you can fulfil your dream by playing spider-man games on vr.

But let’s know the fact first,

  • There are only two official spider-man vr games available online for the oculus rift headset
  • You can play rift games on meta quest 2 by using the Oculus app
  • This is also true that you can play Spiderman VR games on quest 2 for absolutely free.

It’s important to know that despite the fact that we are living in the modern world, where vr goes far beyond our imagination, still we do not have access to the best collection of spider man VR games yet.

But things can change in the near future, now let’s have a look at the Spiderman vr games available which you can play on your oculus quest 2.

Notes: If you don’t have Oculus rift or quest 2, you can’t play the game on any other headsets like HTC vive, Steam Valve, & PSVR.

Spider-Man: Far From Home Virtual Reality

Feel yourself in the NewYork city, swing around like spider-man and jump from very high places, these are the most interesting things you perform in this game.

It’s the successor of homecoming and is considered one of the best spider-man games that can give immersive virtual experiences.

I would say the “best” term is too much for this game, so we can consider it decent overall but compared to Homecoming it’s the absolute best.

The people were speaking about how the game had such potential and it made them so excited.

You can swing here like a crazy whole day, just grab the trigger with one hand and shoot at the web line, then pull yourself toward the building.

Don’t high your hope too much, because the world here is far from perfect.

But the gameplay despite its god-awful controls is actually pretty fun.

You can crawl on walls jump ridiculously high, shoot webs and do basically whatever a spider can (Except spidey sense).

The main problem here is that the web swinging doesn’t work as it should.

Instead, your webs function more like a grappling hook that tether and pull you towards the thing you shoot them at.

Instead of making deep arcs of your webs attached to skyscrapers you may end up pulling yourself along the buildings.

When you manage to swing, it’s slow and doesn’t quite catch the exciting momentum depicted in spidey media.

Despite all of these flaws, it’s still the only game that’s worth trying and you can really feel what it’s like to be a spider-man at home.

Free Spider-Man VR Game: The Spider-Lair

There’s a fantastic Spider-Man VR game you can play on VRchat (free of charge).

In the Spider-Lair VR chat world, users are able to experience the web-swinging experience both in VR and on a flat screen.

You can wear numerous costumes in this world, ranging from 1999 to the modern Spider-Man suit, which makes the game even more interesting.

It shows off realistic swinging physics in the spider layer, which is quite impressive.

As opposed to gumball VR, the world also lets you wall crawl and launch yourself in the direction you are facing.

Even on its own, the ability is quite versatile and could serve as another way of traversing.

There is something quite intriguing about the city itself, and it is definitely a step above far-from-home virtual reality.

Spider-Man: Homecoming – Virtual Reality Experience

It is Spider-Man VR’s first official game, however, its poor gameplay experience puts it at the bottom of the list.

Featuring an immersive virtual reality experience, you’ll be able to swing from building to building, take out bad guys, dodge obstacles and save the day!

This thrilling experience will also feature multiple levels in which you can explore different parts of New York City as well as other locations featured in the movie.

You’ll have access to unique gadgets and power-ups along the way that will help propel you through each level.

As for villains, expect to come up against some classic Spidey adversaries such as Vulture, The Tinkerer, Shocker and more.

But the critics and vr users rated this game worse because of some problems the game had — for instance, the controls were unresponsive and slow at times.

The environment here is not the only thing that was done poorly — the graphics, too, were subpar.

Although they weren’t awful, the game looked better on a console than in virtual reality.

Also, loading times could be improved upon significantly as they dragged out and took away from the overall experience.

Despite this, there are still plenty of thrills to be had if you’re a fan of Spider-Man.

List Of Other Types Of VR Games

Honourable Mention: VR Games Like Spider-Man (For quest 2)


Fly between towering skyscrapers and fight deadly enemies in order to save your city from destruction.

This VR game puts you in the shoes of a resistance fighter. Your goal is to take down an oppressive regime and free your people from its rule.

You will use guerrilla tactics, including sabotage, infiltration, and more, to weaken the enemy’s forces and ultimately overthrow them.


Plunge into the world of Yupitergrad, a unique virtual reality experience that combines gaming and storytelling.

Explore a breathtakingly detailed environment filled with interactive elements and puzzles, as you work to unravel the mysteries of an abandoned space station.

With its intuitive controls, immersive visuals and captivating story, Yupitergrad takes players on an unforgettable journey through the stars.


If you like to swing like a spider-man, explore the virtual world of The Silkworm VR.

This game is a single-player VR platformer, where you use your body movements and gestures to swing across obstacles and platforms in order to reach the end of each level.

It has an intuitive control scheme that allows for true freedom of movement, giving your body all the power it needs to propel you towards the end goal.

The environment is filled with vibrant colours and interesting shapes that make you feel like you’re really in a virtual world.


Have you ever played spider-man with guns? Now you can with Swarm VR! Swarm VR is an intense virtual reality game where you battle your way through a chaotic urban environment in a full-on war zone.

You will have a gun that let you swing around the city like a true superhero while using it to shoot your enemies.

The graphics and sound make this game incredibly realistic, and its fast-paced gameplay will keep you on the edge of your seat.

You’ll use your gun to battle robots and other players in a wide range of environments, from ruined cities to futuristic laboratories.