Meta Quest 3 Vs Vive XR Elite: Comparison Between Two VR Headset Kings  

“Meta Quest 3 Vs Vive XR Elite” has been one of the hottest Virtual reality is an exciting new frontier that can take us to places we could never go in real life. These headsets promise to revolutionize our experience of virtual reality at a time when the battle for virtual supremacy is heating up. Amazing new features, improved technology, and novel applications are just the beginning of what the Meta Quest 3 and Vive XR Elite reveal about the future of virtual reality. Join us as we explore their capabilities in detail, opposing and contrasting each to help you make an educated decision in this thrilling battle of the VR titans.

Vive XR Elite
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Comparison Table: HTC Vive XR Elite VS Meta Quest Pro

HTC Vive XR EliteMeta Quest Pro
Display TypeDual LCDDual LCD with Quantum Dot
Resolution1920 x 1920 pixels per eye1800 x 1920 pixels per eye
Foveated RenderingStaticDynamic
Visible Field of View110° (Diagonal)96° (Diagonal)
Pixels Per Degree17.518.75
Refresh Rate90 Hz72-90 Hz
Lens TypePancakePancake
ProcessorSnapdragon XR2Snapdragon XR2+
Storage (ROM)128 GB256 GB
Weight625 grams with head strap722 grams with head strap
Tracking6DoF Inside-out from 4 cameras and a depth sensor6DoF Inside-out from 5 cameras
Hand TrackingYesYes
Eye TrackingNoYes
Face TrackingNoYes
Body TrackingNoYes
Battery Life4 hours between two battery packs2 hours
Release DateMarch 2023October 25, 2022

Comparison Based on Price

Comparatively, the HTC Vive XR Elite with controllers costs €1,029 while the 128GB version of Meta Quest 3 costs $499/€569.99.

The Boosted Central Processing Unit (CPU) of the Meta Quest 3

As the successor to the de facto standard in standalone VR headset chips, Snapdragon XR2 will power the next-gen Meta Quest 3. This System-on-Chip has better thermal management than the Snapdragon XR2 Plus chipset, which previously had excellent efficiency and efficacy. We found that the XR2+ muted the sound of the Meta Quest Pro’s cooling fan, making the headset more enjoyable overall, and we expect the Meta Quest 3 to do the same.

We dubbed the Snapdragon XR2 Generation 2 the Snapdragon XR3 on the strength of rumours. The power of the 2nd Gen XR2 is 2.5 times higher than the CPU in the Oculus Quest 2, despite the name. This will have a profound impact on the standalone VR market.

Since the HTC Vive XR Elite is powered by the latest VR standard XR2 Gen 1, it will be compatible with all standalone VR applications.

The Meta Quest 3, however, is much more future-proof thanks to its improved processing capability, and it will be able to give compelling standalone VR gaming experiences. The latest Meta VR headset will only have one screen, which is unfortunate but necessary to keep the price of the Meta Quest 3 down.

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Which is Better for a Single or Dual Display Setup, the Meta Quest 3 or the Vive XR Elite?

Similar to Oculus’s second-generation Quest, Meta keeps the price low by compromising on the quality of its displays. Consequently, the Quest 3 only has a single LCD screen while the HTC Vive XR Elite has two, one for each eye.

However, we cannot evaluate the significance of this sacrifice until the publication of Meta Quest 3. What we can say is that considering the price, the display’s resolution of 2K x 2K per eye is quite impressive.

However, the Oculus Quest 2 and the Meta Quest 3 will both have the same 97-degree viewable FoV, demonstrating the difficulty single-display VR headsets have with a smaller FOV. As a result, both Quest headsets suffer from a severe movie theatre effect,’ which significantly lessens the experience.

However, the HTC Vive XR Elite has two LCDs, one for each eye, simulating our natural vision and allowing for a more expansive field of view. Since we don’t know the FoV of the Quest 3, we can’t say whether the headset has better display performance. The XR Elite has a slightly lesser resolution, at 1920 x 1920 per eye.

Meta Quest 3 and Vive XR Elite Offer Comparable Mixed-Reality Experiences

When it comes to mapping and tracking their environments, both the Meta Quest 3 and the Vive XR Elite rely on a specialised spatial sensor. As a result, while interacting with digital items in the real world, the two VR headsets will provide roughly the same level of performance. Once the Quest 3 is available for purchase, we will have to evaluate the quality of the live video streaming through the passthrough. The XR Elite’s dynamic white balance and exposure amazed us since they made it possible to view tiny writing on a traditional monitor while wearing the headset.

HTC Vive XR Elite’s Design Flexibility Compared to Meta Quest 3

Due to a lack of information, we cannot say for certain whether or not the Quest 3 will adopt the Vive XR Elite’s novel VR eyewear design.

It only takes two hands and a PC cable to remove the HTC Vive XR Elite’s battery from the back of the headset. We found this translation of the headgear into VR glasses to be quite flexible and handy for stationary applications. Mixed-reality piano lessons or working with virtual floating displays are two examples of where the XR Elite shines. The XR Elite has a more eye-catching design than the XR, looking like a cross between the Vive Focus 3 and the Vive Flow. The Meta Quest 3 is a more compact take on the Oculus Quest 2 that has cutaways for two passthrough cameras and a depth sensor.

Last but not least, the Vive XR Elite comes with a spare battery, bringing the total battery life to 4 hours. We have no idea how long Meta Quest 3 will be.

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Meta Quest 3 vs. Vive XR Elite: The Verdict

We anticipate that the display performance of the Vive XR Elite will be superior, resulting in a more detailed and defined image for pixel-peepers. But the Meta Quest 3’s processing power is going to be far higher, meaning better graphics for virtual reality. Herein lies the defining distinction between the two virtual reality goggles.

Because the Vive XR Elite is superior for practical and work-related use cases in MR, from its novel VR glasses form factor to its extra battery and exceptional mixed reality quality. Because of its focus on business, productivity, and even some virtual reality gaming, the XR Elite comes at a higher price.

The Meta Quest 3, on the other hand, is an upgrade from the Oculus Quest 2 that focuses on standalone VR gaming and has a low starting price thanks to a powerful and updated processor at the expense of display performance.

Final Words

For the time being, we have to say that the Meta Quest 3 is the best value in standalone VR gaming. However, the HTC Vive XR Elite is the superior option if you intend to employ mixed reality for productivity or work purposes.

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