Experiencing With Meta Quest Pro: First Impression & Overall Review

As the hype surrounding quest pro spreads like wildfire, many fellas started wondering whether to buy quest pro or wait for quest 3.

The concern is legitimate, after all, the whopping $1500 is stacking on the line. At this price range, you can get nearly 7 previous-gen quest 2, a professional gaming laptop, or even a dream console PS5.

The price, however, tells you that this meta quest pro headset is designed for business users, it’s designed for “professional” users, and it’s assigned where the meta is headed with VR.

Impressive Features Of Quest Pro:

  • This headset is slimmer than quest 2 because of new pancake lenses and optics
  • It comes with advanced self-tracking controllers
  • Facial tracking allows vr avatar to mimic your actual facial expressions
  • As pass-through has improved with color, it’s now one-to-one with reality, allowing for some interesting mixed-reality scenarios

To get you rid of the dilemma, we decided to get our hands on this shiny black new-gen oculus quest pro where Mr. Mark (Owner of Meta) introduced their so long-awaited metaverse.

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What’s In The Box Of Meta Quest Pro Headset

It has already been rumoured that the quest pro will come with all the necessary equipment that every VR headset owner desires. And it’s kinda true, however, even at this price range, it does not include any headphones. Let’s look at the list below:

  1. Meta quest pro headset
  2. Oculus Quest pro touch controllers (built-in batteries)
  3. Chargers and 2 different types of cables
  4. Soft silicon lens cover
  5. Charging dock
  6. Light blockers
  7. Manuals and fibre cloths

Considering that they did not include cases, headphones, or controller straps, and that thing is worth over $1000, that kind of stinks.

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First Impression On Meta Quest Pro While Unboxing

The first thing you’ll notice about the box is that it’s very well organized, and everything inside feels ultra-premium, which makes sense given how expensive the device is.

The first time you pull up the controller after unboxing it, you will sense the weight and worth of the dollars you have spent.

Due to the built-in camera and battery, the controllers are a bit heftier than I had expected.

In comparison to quest 2 controllers, it was somewhat heavy and weighs around 163gm.

Let’s make it easier: How to use Quest Pro Controllers With the Quest 2?

Next, the quest pro headset comes with a 45-watt charging brick that charges the 4500mAh battery in less than 30 minutes.

In the box, you are gonna see two types of charging cables, one for controllers and another one for quest Pro headsets.

Plus, it comes with a soft silicon lens cover that fits inside the quest pro eyepiece.

Here, you will also get a charging dock that fits both quest pro and quest pro touch controllers.

Then underneath that, you will find the soft and squishy light blockers which magnetically attach to both sides of quest pro.

This is going to block lights from the outside while using headsets and works just like PSVR’s gasket.

PSVR 2 is coming in Feb 2023

The irritating part is if you want a full cover then you need to rely on third-party sellers which looks like a huge bummer.

Finally, here it comes, the quest pro headset. It’s a lot different in setup than quest 2. This headset uses a halo-style head strap with a wheel on the back to tighten down its rear part.

In addition, you can adjust the distance between your eyes and the lenses using the wheel on the top.

It has a cable running from the back of the headset because that is where the battery is, and the front and back headpieces have soft foam built in for comfort.

Point to be noted, the front portion of the quest pro headset is plastic, that’s why they included a soft lens cover to keep it away from scratches.

Although, they could have used something else rather than gloss plastic that is likely to scratch easily.

On the bottom of the head, you’ll find a charging connector and a charging port which connects to the charging dock, and the cameras on the back.

This comes with little sticky bits that you can peel off the headset to reveal the power button and volume up and down buttons.

Let’s Feel the Inside Of Meta Quest Pro

As a first step, I turned on the quest pro headset by holding the power button for only two seconds, and it started up perfectly.

After powering up the headset, you will see the huge differences in clarity due to lower resolution and higher pixel density.

The screen provides deeper black and crisper look than oculus quest 2, you can feel the differences by looking at the text.

A colour pass-through camera in the Meta quest pro allows you to scan the world and get a picture of your room that is portrayed on the display in real-time, just like you would be looking around, but in a lower resolution.

This is similar to what people do with their phones for augmented reality.

The IDPs are also not stepped, so you can slide them in and out smoothly whenever you need them.

When it comes to mixed reality, something feels really awful to me, I didn’t find it really enjoyable the first time.

Meta is already dealing with plenty of questions about these cartoon characters (or avatars), and the most common question is how all our work apps can interact with the metaverse.

We will explain the whole situation later, let’s jump into the other parts.

I was looking some Games/Software For Meta Quest Pro but found out that the quest pro is not supposed to be used mostly for gaming.

This time meta got us something interesting in this VR headset which is called Headset fit adjuster which allows you to adjust your headset to the optimal position.

It is honestly fantastic how well the controller tracking works, the built-in cameras keep up with fast movements by putting your arms behind your back.

So overall it was a nice piece of headset with new pancake lenses and new tracking technologies. It lets experience you an immersive game without using the face gasket.

Here is the summary of the overall experiences:

  • This headset is much more comfortable than the quest 2
  • The lenses and cameras are better than the quest 2
  • It’s not worthy only for experiencing mixed reality yet
  • Basically, it’s best for productivity, but if you want to enjoy quest 2 games in a more premium manner, then you should definitely try it.
  • The shortest battery backup is the main culprit here which makes this $1500 quest pro more controversial.

That’s my first impression of the inside and outside of meta quest pro, but here is not the end of it. Below you will find the full, comprehensive review of meta quest pro, which may pinch you down in an unnerving way.

The Whole Day With Quest Pro: Far from better but not so close to hitting the bottom

Successfully I have spent several days with quest pro and after going through a lot of up and down, here’s my one-word review: The situation is far from ideal but is not so close to deterioration as to be catastrophic.

Of course, I am not gonna drag you down to my dramatic daily life with quest pro.

The full-colour passthrough blows out my mind, the experience of using an app in the virtual world was fantastic.

When it comes to gaming or professional task, the operation speed of quest pro is far better than quest 2.

Thanks to the quest pro virtual monitor, now maybe I don’t need to use my curved monitor by sitting on the desk all day long.

This technology is gonna be a lifesaver for all work-from-home users.

Due to the pancake lenses and periphery view you can feel the improved FOV of quest pro, which is also 10% wider than quest 2.

Users will be able to experience VR to its full potential with this widened field of view.

Previously I have said in my first impression that you can clearly see the text on the screen.

In contrast, when white text is displayed on a dark background, you can experience some blurriness, depending on how your headset is positioned.

While the display quality is excellent, you are still not going to get retina-level pixels even after spending $1500.

The main concern was latency while using oculus Airlink.

But meta quest pro passed the entire process while connecting to pc with the impressive result of the non-existence lag.

Furthermore, as Meta has already confirmed, the battery will not last more than two hours, I did not expect much more from it.


A major update is the pancake lenses, which are already used on the new Pico 4 VR headset, and will also be coming to Quest 3.

It doesn’t have a large battery, so you can guess how lightweight the headset is, not as bulky as quest 2, and the fitting process is considerably easier due to the software built into it.

In comparison to the Quest 2, the display feels brighter, with better contrast and black levels.

Furthermore, it fits over your glasses quite nicely, so you can play hassle-free without sacrificing your personality.

Though it has included light blockers (half), however, quest pro still lacks blocking light from eyesight which is kinda a major issue.

Unless you are using glass, I recommend using a full light blocker (sold separately).

Auto-fit adjustment feels creepy, it’s like a spoiler kid that won’t listen to me doesn’t understand how comfortable I am, and wants me to follow every step without complaining.


These are much better compared to oculus quest 2.

Redesigned in a smoother way, similar to the AR headset controller but feels a little denser.

As controllers have built-in cameras, they are able to track the world without needing the headset cameras on the quest pro.

In other words, you can use them behind your back, turn around, and they won’t lose track of you.

This also has much better realistic haptics for feeling vows, arrows, weapons and even rumbling in the headset.

Haptics could be really useful for productivity, for example, you could paint and feel the ripples of the paintbrush against the canvas while painting.

You could also feel the drawing on a piece of paper using the stylist tips that comes along with the meta quest pro controller

That’s the best thing about this controller, you can feel it when you are touching it and when you are not.

The headset also has a pinch feature on the side. If you press down on the pressure-sensitive panel along with the trigger, you’ll feel as if you are squeezing objects.

Eye and face tracking

These features made this headset much more expensive.

Both are the key features but they seem to be turned off in the headset by default.

I have already tested the Quest pro sounds and described How to increase the Quest Pro Sound.

Do you know why?

In Meta’s view, they can reduce battery life much more quickly and cause unwanted drainage.

The majority of apps do not plan to use foveated rendering right now, so eye and face tracking remains somewhat limited.

But things can be changed in the near future.