How to Connect Oculus Quest 2 to Drone?

Drone flying experience can’t be described by anyone. It feels like you’re a bird flying on top of the world. When the Oculus Quest 2 was launched, everyone started to ask if they could experience what they are seeing on their phone on a VR Headset.

The day I bought my Oculus Quest 2 and played some games on it, there’s one thing came to my mind.

Can I fly the DJI drone with my newly purchased Quest 2?

I was also thinking what is the process of connecting if I have an iPhone as well as an Android.

Before we move on here’s what you will need:

Well, I figured out the process and it worked better than I expected. I have also stumbled upon a law that must be followed while flying any kind of drone in the USA.

For being able to fly any drone safely, there’s a Visual Line of Sight rule. According to the law, every drone pilot must be able to see the drone with their naked eyes while flying.

How to Connect and fly the drone from Oculus Quest 2?

Follow the steps to fly a drone from any Android or Apple device:

  • First of all download the air screen apk
  • Download the SideQuest app 
  • Use the SideQuest app from your Phone to install an air screen on your headset
  • Open the Air Screen App inside SideQuest
  • Turn on screen mirroring on your phone and select your headset
  • Put your headset back on and follow the steps in the app
  • Now you should be able to see your phone screen

As you can see and being able to control the DJI app, you’ll be able to see what’s on your phone on your Oculus Quest 2

5 Things to Remember while Flying a Drone Using Oculus Quest 2?

Line of Sight Law

FAA rules state that you must be able to see your drone with your naked eyes while flying a drone. If you’re flying with a VR headset, you need to have a visual observer.

Video Lagging

The video lag caused by the connection type and the fact that the phone has to go through first the headset, then screencast, means you run the risk of crashing into things.


You must have a strong internet connection to fly a drone successfully, so stay near a WiFi or Strong Internet connection. If you’re not using a strong connection, even your oculus profile won’t load let alone the DJI app.

If the WiFi and Internet connection is poor, you may have a bad experience.


It mainly happens if you suddenly move your drone from up to down or right to left. Not everyone has felt it but it can happen.

One of my stupid friend asked me, does virtual reality headset cause cancer? after hearing it can cause dizziness if we fly a drone.

Eye Problems

VR headsets can cause eye strain and can have permanent effects if used for long periods. If you’re a kid and want to use your headset, here’s why VR is not Suitable for Children Under 12.

List of Drone Compatible with Oculus Quest

These are some of the most used drones that work best with an Oculus headset. Just connect your phone with the Drone app and start mirroring your screen to the Oculus Headset.

  • The Eachine VR-007 pro
  • Zeiss VR one
  • Utopia 360
  • FatShark FSV1063 Dominator V3
  • Walkera Goggle 4
  • DJI Mavic Pro
  • DJI Phantom 4 Pro
  • Yuneec Breeze 4K
  • Parrot Bebop 2
  • DJI Inspire 1 Pro
  • Yuneec Typhoon H
  • DJI Spark

How to connect Oculus Quest 2 to your DJI Mini or DJI Mini 2 drone and use it for FPV?

For the connection process, all you need is your DJI controller, Oculus headset, and the Drone. You’re all set.

  • From your computer go to to download the SideQuest software
  • Download the Air Screen apk file to use for your Oculus
  • Open the SideQuest app on your PC
  • From the top right corner, click on install Apk and install Air Screen.
  • Put on your headset and open the Air screen App
  • Now turn on the Screen Mirroring and select your Headset from the list.
  • Done.

Now you will be able to see whatever your drone sees in your oculus headset. By the way if you face any problem like your Quest 2 Controller Not Working, try re pairing those again.