Top 10 Games/Software For Meta Quest Pro – Experience Metaverse & Full Pass through

Meta has already said that the Quest pro headset is for professional users. It’s built to people interact with the metaverse environment.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t play games here. Graphics are far superior to quest 2 and gameplay is going to be immersive.

Even if we talk about graphics, any games that are supposed to played by kids has also adopted these kinds of graphics quality for better enjoyment of the game.

Although most games or software are not yet ready to adopt face and eye-tracking technology, you may not be able to experience the full benefits.

Here we will talk about the 10 best games and apps that you could have on your quest pro right now.

Red Matter 2 VR

In the game, you will explore a derelict space station, uncover secrets about the past, and manipulate matter with specially designed tools as Volgravian agent Sasha Riss.

You can pick up objects and interact with them in ways you’ve never seen before thanks to intuitive VR controls.

Your mission is twofold: first, search for the missing Red Matter; second, discover what happened in this once vibrant place.

As you progress further into the depths of the space station, you’ll have to solve puzzles and solve mysteries that will challenge your mental ability. You will be caught up in a conspiracy involving powerful forces from beyond the universe as the story unfolds.

This game is perfect to experience every ounce of VR graphics on meta quest pro.

Painting VR

With Painting VR, you can paint in a three-dimensional space, so you can make your own masterpieces. You can also save your paintings and share them with others.

You can relax and express your creativity by painting in VR. You can change the background and lighting to create different effects. Paint VR is an easy-to-use app that offers a wide variety of colours and brushes.

Painting VR is a great way to spend some time with your loved ones while exploring your creative side.

Using the Meta Pro, you can actually customize your studio and do all the painting in mixed reality with your own customizable area.

Figment XR

It’s also often called the future of learning. Figment XR is an immersive learning platform that allows users to learn in an interactive and realistic 3D environment.

Students can learn through Figment XR by exploring virtual worlds, participating in simulations, and engaging in lessons.

The possibilities are endless with Figment XR just like the game jedi outcast based on star wars franchise.

With this powerful tool, we can create virtual worlds that simulate real-world scenarios, allowing students to learn in a safe and controlled environment. We can also use Figment XR to create fun and interactive learning games.

Tribe XR

The possibility to experience different worlds and environments is what sets VR apart as a gaming platform.

Imagine being able to quickly immerse yourself in a game set in outer space, or deep underwater.

Now, with Tribe XR’s Virtual Reality DJ School, you can learn the art of being a virtual reality DJ in a completely immersive and interactive environment.

Tribe XR’s Virtual Reality DJ School is the first of its kind, and it offers a variety of different modules that will teach you everything you need to know about being a VR DJ.

You’ll learn how to mix, scratch, and create your own original music in VR. And best of all, you can do it all in a virtual world that feels just like the real thing.

Horizon Worlds

In a universe of infinite possibilities, it’s only fitting that there should be an infinite number of virtual realities to explore.

There are 144 servers in Horizon Worlds, allowing users to customize and immerse themselves like never before.

Talking of horizon worlds, i just finished my practice session on my own world playing a game made for drummers. I can perform in front of thousands of people or on top of burj khalifa if i like.

Whether you’re into role-playing games, first-person shooters, or even just socializing with friends, you’ll find something to suit your fancy in Horizon Worlds.

You can change everything from your avatar’s appearance to the environment around you. If you can imagine it, chances are you can create it in Horizon Worlds.

Horizon workrooms

Horizon workrooms are truly unique, offering users a collaborative work environment that is tailored to their specific needs.

User-specific workrooms provide powerful tools such as chat, video conferencing, task management, and document sharing according to their preferences.

With Horizon workrooms, you can:

  • Create and manage projects with ease
  • Share documents and files securely within your team or with external collaborators
  • Collaborate on tasks in real time with colleagues from around the world
  • Host virtual meetings, conferences, and training sessions with built-in video conferencing capabilities
  • Stay organized with task lists, calendar events, and notes
  • Integrate your favourite third-party applications to enhance workflows

Whether users are collaborating on a project or just need a secure place to store files and documents, Horizon Workrooms provides the ultimate virtual workspace.

Home Sweet Home – VR Survival game

The game puts players in the shoes of Tim, a man who wakes up in a strange place with no memory of how he got there.

As players explore their surroundings and piece together the events that led to their predicament, they must defend themselves from deadly creatures that stalk the halls.

Home sweet home is a harrowing and atmospheric VR experience that is sure to send chills down your spine. I noticed the graphics quality of this game and some VR games on boxing are quite the same. I get to see the drop of blood in both this game.

The gameplay of home sweet home is heavily reliant on stealth and avoidance, as players are unarmed and vulnerable to the dangerous creatures that wander the halls.

This game’s creepy atmosphere is heightened by its use of sound design, which creates an eerie and unsettling feeling that only enhances the feeling of tension and claustrophobia.

Demio – Table-top Survival Game

A post-apocalyptic world surrounds Demeo, where players take on the role of survivors scavenging resources, building shelters, and protecting themselves from dangers.

The game is played on a physical board with miniatures, but it also incorporates virtual reality technology to create an immersive experience for players.

By wearing the VR headset, you’ll enter the game world, explore your surroundings, interact with other players, and make decisions that will determine whether you survive.

I believe that Demeo has the potential to revolutionize tabletop gaming and I can’t wait to see how the new full-colour passthrough works on oculus quest pro.