“Stranger Things VR” is coming In 2023 – Announced by Netflix and Tender Claws

There has been a trailer released on YouTube today that revealed Stranger Things VR will be available on major VR platforms in late 2023.

While it isn’t coming anytime soon, it does seem to be a rather large title since tender claws, who are virtual reality creators and Netflix are both involved, which makes it quite a big partnership.

There are two more games being developed right now, they will be available in mid 2023. I am talking about the famous Stranger Things and Sword art online for VR.

Stranger Things VR | Official Announcement | Netflix

Stranger things VR is being developed and published by Tender Claws in partnership with the series writers to explore Henry Creel’s transformation into Vecna.

Vecna explores unknown realities in the hive mind and enacts his revenge plan against Eleven and Hawkins in this psychological horror and action game. The game is described as psychological horror and action from a never seen perspective of Vecna.

2023 will be more exciting when the Final Fantasy XIV VR Mod will be released by marulu and streetrat, the same brain behind Half life 2 success. 

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