PSVR 2 vs Meta Quest 3: Battle Between Your Own Choice

If we are talking about the best thing in VR industry, Meta Quest 3 and PlayStation VR 2 is the most hot topic of 2023.

PS VR 2 will launch in early 2023 and as far as the rumor indicates it is much likely to launch in Feb 2023.

For now we know:

  • PSVR 2 will launch in early 2023
  • Meta Quest 3 will cost $500
  • PSVR 2 can only be connected with PS5
  • Quest 3 will run on Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2
  • PSVR 2 will be much more comfortable than Meta Quest 3
  • Custom AMD Zen 2 GPU on PSVR 2

If you’re a PS4 owner, upgrade to PS5 because the PSVR 2 will only work with the PS5. However the PSVR can be connected to both PS4 and PS5 with a cable Sony provided with the PS5 package.

On the other hand Meta hasn’t disclosed any official launch date for Meta Quest 3. But from an official source, it is confirmed that the Quest 3 will cost less that $500 with an even upgraded specs than the previous gen Quest 2.

Both Meta and Sony is desperate to show the world what they can do in the industry of Virtual Reality. Continue reading to know in depth comparison between Meta Quest 3 and PSVR 2.

PlayStation VR2 (PSVR2)

Meta Quest 2 128GB 256GB

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PSVR 2 vs Meta Quest 3 Specs

PSVR 2Meta Quest 3
Resolution2000×2040 (4.1MP) Per-Eye, OLED, HDR, 120Hz Max2064×2208, uOLED display with 120Hz
ProcessorCustom AMD Zen 2 GPU on PSVR 2Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2
TrackingInside-out (no external beacons)Full Body Tracking, No eye or face tracking
Variant16/256GB12/512GB SSD Storage
On-board cameras4x IR (external), 2x IR (internal)4 Camera array and 1 depth sensor
Pass-through ViewYesYes
Audio3.5mm aux output3.5mm
Release DateEarly 2023 (Feb), available for Pre Order Now3rd Quarter of 2023

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Meta Quest 3 vs PSVR 2: Processor

PSVR 2: As you can connect only PS5 with PSVR 2, the processing power will likely to get benefit from that. However, I confirmed 16GB of GDDR6 RAM, and a custom AMD Zen 2 GPU will be powering this gaming monster.

This is so much power that this processor can handle VR shooter games and newly released Star Wars VR games on your oculus quest 2/pro.

Meta Quest 3: Quest 3 will run on newly built Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 chips for running those 4K ultra smooth games. There will be two variants, 12/256GB and 16/512GB.

Meta have done something different this time, instead of just installing some traditional rom on a device, they’ll be installing SSD Storage for smooth app opening and increasing over-all performance.

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Meta Quest 3 VS PSVR 2: Display

PSVR 2: PSVR 2 comes with a 4K HDR OLED Display that will be rendering 2000 x 2040 per eye with an ultra-smooth 120-hertz refresh rate along with 110 degree fields of view.

You can feel the vibration on your face as there’s a soft vibration feature integrated with the display. There are four different cameras to help track the controllers and also to make sure you don’t go running into the wall or breaking anything in your house when you’re playing their games.

Meta Quest 3: As of now the Quest 3 is gonna have 2064×2208 resolution uOLED display with 120Hz of refresh rate. I can say this is an huge update from last gen display.

Quest is going to support Mixed Reality because of that, I call this little sister of quest Pro. It’s gonna have the pancake lenses along with four powerful cameras plus a depth sensor to track every inch of movement of you.

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Meta Quest 3 vs PSVR 2: Connectivity

PSVR 2: PSVR 2 is exclusively made for connecting with PS5 only. There is no Wireless mode to connect, just connect it via a wire and play the console game.

Meta Quest 3: Just like Meta Quest 2, Quest 3 can be connected with an Wire or you can go completely Wireless whenever you like.

Any Android, iPhone, Windows , TV can be connected and accessed the content directly.

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Meta Quest 3 vs PSVR 2: Games

PSVR 2: PSVR 2 can only run on PS5 and can only access console game library. You can’t access any other game on this Headset.

Meta Quest 3: When it comes to gaming content, Meta has built an incredible growing library with amazing independent titles. Well, the graphics can sometimes be something to be desired when it comes to standalone games.

There are thousands of games available inside the quest 3 for downloading anytime. You always have the option of streaming games directly to the headset or using a link cable to your pc.

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Meta Quest 3 vs PSVR 2: New Features

PSVR 2: Oculus Quest has some new features to offer, the PSVR 2 will now have some exciting features design to performance. Its pretty much sure that the new controller will have an ‘orb’ shape with a lot of extra feature like ultra smooth haptic feedback.

Headset have adopted Tempest 3D Audio, for making all the sounds come real while smoothly tracking your eyes movement.

Meta Quest 3: There’s no official announcement yet on the Quest 3 new features. Some rumor says there’ll be no face or eye tracking.

But surprisingly there will be VRChat finger tracking on Quest pro.

However, the quest 3 is focused on Mixed Reality and heavy gaming. Also the leaked images are showing us an real sense technology for gaming optimization.

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Meta Quest 3 vs PSVR 2: Price

PSVR 2: PSVR is now available for pre-order and will cost $549 as per the rumor.

Meta Quest 3: Quest 3 is set to launch on 3rd quarter of 2023 with a price tag of $500 or less. There’s no official date announced for pre ordering this Headset.

Quick Summary: Which One is Likely to be Most Favorite?

Both of them offers world class features with never seen technology.

But I think the best value for money is gonna be the main buying factor for the consumers. They don’t like to pay a hundred bucks more on something they have been waiting for more than a year.

Meta Quest 3 will be the most favorite option in the next coming year after the success of Meta Quest 2. There are two reasons, the connectivity and the gaming experience.

If we look at the PSVR 2, you can only play PlayStation 5 console games on your PSVR 2. But on the Meta Quest 3, you just need to log in to Steam and continue playing where you left of on your Quest 2.

Both the headset is focused on gaming and delivering the best of it. I’d like to play games that makes me happy without spending thousands of dollar on it.

I like convenience while I play games, I can’t just spend $500 more on a new console to play games, that’s totally stupid.

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