Best VR Games to Play with Friends & Family Together

VR Gaming world is expanding day by day and people are being divided into specific genre of their choice. There are special category for free VR gamer as well as games for couples who loves to play together.

There are a lot of unique and engaging co-op and multiplayer VR games you can play with your friends.

I’ve been using Xtadium app to watch live sporting events with my friends after we got fascinated by these family friendly games.

I’ve compiled a list of best multiplayer VR games to play with friends where you can go on a racing, fishing, shooting, golfing even on adventures together.

So let’s get straight to the point…

Dash Dash World

Dash Dash World, is known as Mario Kart for VR headset gamers. It is kind of go-kart racing game but with colorful wackiness and Japanese flair.

DDW is specifically made for playing with your friends & family and that’s why the multiplayer works really good.

There are 11 tracks in the game, each with a unique theme, which ranges from a traditional racetrack to a Japanese garden-inspired course to a Mexican-inspired Day of the Dead track.

Graphics quality with great sound is something that you will love without any questioning just like some of the VR Zombie Games.


The contractor VR is a multiplayer first-person shooter game set in the modern world. While this kind of game is pretty much standard in pancake gaming, it’s one of the few here.

The first thing you need to remember is that Contractors VR is not intended for single-player entertainment beyond target practice. The game types can be played using bots rather than other humans, but it is not so much half-baked as it is still in its packaging in the closet.

The Quest headset seems to be a popular console choice for many gamers, but they aren’t convinced to purchase it unless it has a CoD-style shooter.

There’s currently nothing as slick as a traditional console FPS on the Quest, especially in terms of multiplayer. There is a sense of fun in Contractors VR that sets it apart from other games that aren’t as great as Population: One.


Onward is a first-person military shooter that has made its way to Quest from Steam. If you and your friend loves to play shooter game then try this one.

This game lets you play against AI bots in various levels. There are a lot of different weapons to choose from and you can kit them out with different accessories to suit your playstyle.

The graphics are unfinished, shoddy and broken, and the texture work is dreadful. The weapons fire looks feeble and flat, and the polygon models are basic, and change shape, warp, and pop in as you get closer to them.

There are some technical problems with the game aren’t limited to the presentation, as bullets seem to pass through solid walls and objects, and some objects have even simpler hitboxes.

But you don’t worry as there a lot of other VR Shooter Games For Meta Quest 2 to be played.

Synth Riders

If you’re an 80’s fanboy, strap on your roller skates, pop a couple of Pez and get ready for Synth Riders.

Synth Riders is a music/beat-based VR game where you must blast through orbs to victory.

The concept is simple: Glide through the “level”, hit orbs to the beat, dodge obstacles. But somehow every level feels the same throughout.

There are multiple types of gamers out there, and Synth Riders is a game that allows you to lose a little focus and enjoy your surroundings and the beautiful music with your buddy.

After the Fall

After the Fall was originally announced as a PCVR exclusive in 2019, but was recently announced to launch simultaneously on PCVR, PSVR, and Meta Quest 2.

The game consists of five levels, each taking around 30 minutes to complete. Once these levels have been beaten, the player can upgrade their loadout at the hub.

There are only six different enemy types, but you will deal with hundreds of them. They include standard running or crawling zomboids and several larger, more challenging enemy types.

Boss fights are fun, but there is only one type that is repeated on every level.

After the Fall is best enjoyed in a multiplayer context, but if you prefer single-player games, factor that in as well.

There is also a PvP mode where players can face off against each other in 4 vs 4 gunfights. However, it is not original enough to depose any current MP shooters.

Hyper Dash

Hyper Dash is a VR shooter that relies on dash teleportation and an on-rail movement system. It is suitable for most VR users and lets you hop on and off at any time and choose your initial direction.

Players can equip any combination of guns they want in akimbo style dual-wielded weapons, depending on the map and the mode they are playing.

The graphics are astounding for a game that can run natively on Quest 1 with up to 10 players.

While the game doesn’t give you much time to stop and smell the roses, you can still appreciate the unique weapon sounds.

The audio in this game is designed to feel busy and action-packed, with constant communication with your team and proximity chat with enemies.


Blaston is a simple premise for a game, where two players stand on opposing pedestals and fight with futuristic weapons.

The key to success in this game is to use your weapons tactically, pushing your opponent into a corner before trying for that big damage shot.

The gameplay cries out for at least a visible torso IK, but instead you have to guess if you’ve moved your hitbox far enough to avoid damage.

Blaston deals with long waits and low player numbers quite nicely, by automatically launching you into a bot match.

It is sometimes hard to tell if you are playing against AI or a real opponent, as the bots adjust their headset and wrist straps in different ways.

Walkaout Mini Golf

Walkabout Mini Golf is an immersive VR experience that feels like you could find this course somewhere in the real world.

No Doubt it is a well-designed take on a simple and classic pastime that is well suited to VR.

Walkabout Mini Golf allows you to play solo, challenge other online users, or invite up to five friends to play against. It also accommodates all players, with left-handed or right-handed options, and adjustable shaft length.

Unlike real-world golf, teleportation is the only method of movement in this game. Players who prefer playing while seated may struggle more when aiming their shots.


The Battle Royale concept is well-known; players are tossed into a map, which is gradually reduced in size. Slow players will fall off the map, and unskilled players will soon be overrun or shot.

You start each session in a lobby area, where you can choose an avatar and build a squad. Population: One uses the Oculus Party feature to conveniently match you and your buddies up.

After building a squad, you will be thrown into a secondary lobby where you can practice aiming and climbing while waiting for the roster to fill.

Population: One uses a smart delivery system to bring you to your jump spot, and you can glide around the map by spreading your actual arms. You can climb up anything that has a wall, and you can shoot other players while they are still gliding.

Once standing on solid ground, you can build metal shields to protect yourself against the hailstorm of bullets you’ll inevitably face.

Real VR Fishing

Real VR Fishing starts in a fishing lodge, with a wall display acting as the menu system. It is clean and stylish, but let down by the weird blippy noise that accompanies button presses.

The progression system in the game gives you a choice to either keep the fish you catch and earn money to buy better gear, or release the fish and earn experience points instead.

Real VR Fishing is a relaxing and fun virtual fishing experience that captures the essential languid nature of fishing whilst giving the player enough action to maintain interest.

Death Horizon Reloaded

Death Horizon: Reloaded takes place in an underground facility with bodies and rubble scattered about. You must shoot every undead target.

A shadowy figure directs you through a series of corridors, offices, and locker rooms. You can climb on pipes and ropes and shoot zombies using the grip button.

The climbing mechanic is used sparsely throughout the game, but when it works, it helps you feel like an action hero.

Zombies will crawl out of vents and drop from the ceiling, giving you a little jolt if you’re not paying attention.

Death Horizon: Reloaded offers few unusual twists on a zombie shooter, but the taunting voice-over from the mysterious host is the most entertaining.

Beat Saber

Beat Saber is arguably the most popular casual title for VR headsets, featuring incredible community content and a wealth of tracks that players can sink a ton of time into.

Beat Saber is a game where you slice blocks to the rhythm of the music. There are many different music modes and difficulty levels, so everyone can play.

Compared to launch, Beat Saber now has a lot more on offer, including a multiplayer mode and a massively expanded music library. A campaign mode does technically exist, but feels neglected and overdue for a complete overhaul.

Beat Saber lets you tailor the game to your needs with accessibility options and gameplay modifiers, and special 360 and 90 degree levels.

For any new headset owner, Beat Saber remains an essential purchase. It exemplifies sublime gameplay that puts intelligent VR design first, and remains completely relevant to modern audiences.

If you’re facing beat saber lagging on your oculus, this must be causing because of slow internet connection.

Path of the Warrior

Path of the Warrior is a game about beating up people, but it’s much better presented, has more variation, and has a narrative to help you progress through the five-stage campaign.

When you’ve beat up enough bad guys, you can activate a special ability by knocking your fists together, and it lets you finish off all enemies with a single punch.

The game has some issues, including the fact that you have to wait for a thug’s getting punched animation to finish before you can punch him again.