How to Fix and Stop Beat Saber Lagging on Oculus Quest 2?

Beat saber is the only game you get when you get a new VR headset for yourself. If this free game starts to lag, you feel like you’ve been scammed in the name of most powerful headset.

To play Beat Saber, the controller of your headset plays a big role. If your Oculus quest 2 left controller and right controller is not working properly, your game will start to lag for sure

Before We Move On, Make Sure:

  • No Beat Saber Mod is installed
  • The game and the headset is Updated
  • You’re not casting the game anywhere
  • Controllers are fully Charged
  • No App is running in Background
  • Enough space available on Headset
  • Powerful and fast internet connection

Last Sunday I turned on my headset and updated my Beat Saber an then the lagging issue started to appear. It is pretty much sure that the beat saber started lagging after update.

So, I checked everything and found out my problem is with my storage space as I’ve installed a lot of game which i don’t even play.

But I’ve explained bit further of the beat saber lagging issue including why it lag and lots of possible fixes.

Steps to Fix Beat Saber Lagging & Low FPS Issue

I faced the same issue and immediately freed up some storage to get rid of lag issue on my headset.

But I found out some other issue that may slowing down your gaming. Follow these steps to fix the lagging issue.

  • Lower the graphics settings in the beat saber game.
  • Stop casting with airlink and try link cable.
  • Connect you router’s 5 Ghz band to make the game faster.
  • Try 144Hz on your computer and change the resolution to 3264×1648
  • Make sure you have more space in your memory and by setting the priority of your oculus client to high.
  • You might need to reinstall the whole oculus app, delete your oculus drivers, and then reinstall everything again to fix the lag.
  • Put a frame rate extender into your steam files and put it into whatever game you’re using.

Why do the Beat Saber Lag?

Many Oculus Quest 2 users have reported that Beat Saber is lagging in oculus quest 2 when they play the game.

The lagging issue most likely affected my enjoyment of custom song on BMBF as i was going mad because of the lag.

There are several reasons why this may be happening. One reason could be that the recent update from the game may require more powerful processing power than last time. Which means that Beat Saber may not be able to run as smoothly on the Oculus Quest 2 as it used to before.

Another reason for the lag could be that the wireless connection between the Oculus Quest 2 and the computer might not be as strong to play games. Try updating the internet connection to reduce latency.

Finally, it is also possible that there is an ongoing update with the Beat Saber games servers themselves and you have to wait till the next update.