Guide to Fix Skyrim VR Blurry Situation and Make it Smoother Forever

2 weeks ago I bought Skyrim and since then I’ve been experiencing very annoying blurry surroundings whenever I play. I thought this must be a Skyrim bug, so I haven’t bothered to try and find a fix.

But this week, I remember one of my friends who is playing this game for the last 3 months and he somehow fixed the issue using a ReShade preset made by Nexus Mod.

So, Why is the Skyrim Feels Blurry:

  • The Skyrim’s Temporal Anti Aliasing (TAA) feature has improved jagged edges, and motions, but it has made the game blurrier.
  • The game is not optimized properly.
  • You don’t have the correct settings saved.
  • Your PC graphics is low.

So, from my own experience, a simple way to fix the Skyrim VR Blurry Situation is to replace the openvr_api.dll with a custom one built by Nexus Mod.

If you do this, I guarantee that your Skyrim will start looking 100% better in terms of quality and graphics that will look very real.

What does the Custom Preset Do?

This preset has used AMD’s Contrast Adaptive Sharpening filter to reduce TAA blur. This way the preset is able to remove the grey layer and reduce blur as much as possible.

A sharpening filter can restore much of the lost sharpness if there is an issue with TAA even without losing the anti-aliasing effect which makes the gameplay much clearer and more stable. 

So if you want to know the exact procedure, then read on…

Fix 1: Eliminating Skyrim VR Blurriness

The annoying Skyrim blurriness is caused by TAA and it can be fixed by a custom sharpening filter made provided by Nexus Mod.

In this process, we’ll focus on fixing the blurriness without using ENB and CAS.

Just follow the steps below:

1) Inside the game, go to Settings/VR Performance

2) Disable “Dynamic resolution” (and activate TTA if it’s disabled)

3) Close the game and download Contrast Adaptive Sharpening for VR

4) Open Skyrim VR installation folder

5) Make a backup of the “openvr_api.dll”

6) Extract both files from the downloaded file to the SkyrimVR folder

7) You can change the amount of sharpness in the “fo4_openvr.cfg” file

8) Close everything and delete the installation files

9) Launch Skyrim and play without any annoying Blur

Fix 2: Skyrim VR Blurriness fixing With ENB and CAS

This is the 2nd way to fix the Blur issue by using Enhanced Natural Beauty and Contrast adaptive sharpening.

Download these Files to get started:

ENB Series for Skyrim VR

Luminous ENB preset

CAS Sharpener

Skyrim SE and VR mods

Open Skyrim VR installation folder

  • Extract all files from “enbseries_skyrimvr” and “Luminous ENB” into the Skyrim installation directory (where you have SkyrimVR.exe file)
  • In the installation folder, open the “enbseries” folder
  • Extract both files from “CAS_for_ENB” to this (enbseries) folder
  • Go back to the installation directory
  • Scroll down and open “enbseries.ini”
  • Set “EnablePostPassShader” to TRUE
  • Set “EnableLens” to FALSE
  • Save the .ini file
  • Close everything and delete the installation files
  • Launch Skyrim and test the gameplay

Fix 3: Skyrim VR Blurry/Shimmering Issue

Usually, TAA is either disabled by default or enabled, but it makes everything look a bit blurry when enabled.

Changing the TAA settings can reduce blurring, but below is the best way to have TAA on AND sharpen your image. There is literally no blur at all.

Step 1: For the ‘The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR’ program, set Anisotropic filtering to 16X and Texture Filtering – Quality to High Quality.

Step 2: Via the in-game Settings menu:

  • Uncheck dynamic resolution
  • Check Temporal AA

Step 3: Install ‘The Sharper Eye” from here:

Step 4: Install the SkyrimVR VR preset, the required shader and a custom VR-enabled Reshade build from the 7z archive.

Step 5: Install VR PFS stabilizer.

In VRFpsStabilizer.ini (in Data/SKSE/Plugins), set AutoConfigEnabled=0 (this disables the FPS stabilizer function of the mod but allows the console commands in the .ini to work.

Step 6: If you use the FPS stabilizer mod you can keep this setting:

[DataLoaded] #Runs after the game opened and the menu is loaded
taa sharp 2.285
taa lf 0
taa hf 0.8
taa po 0.45
taa ps 0

Step 7: You can increase the supersampling if your rig can handle it. You should do this via steam rather than in-game settings. If you need to tweak this, just do it at the end.

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