20 Most Played bHaptic Supported Games Right Now

VR technology feels so real that now people just want to feel it. bHaptic wants to get it done by their new line up of product to let you feel inside the game.

Using bHaptic and their Full-body Haptic Suit, you’ll be able to feel every single bullet and fall in real life.

There are a lof of games where it can get very real and you have always wanted to feel the surrounding of you.

bHaptics Tactsuits are compatible with Oculus Quest 2 and other VR headset like Pico Neo, HTC Valve Index and the Quest Pro.

Right now there are 88 games that are TactSuit Compatible and you can feel every single move with those 88 games.

I’ve gathered 20 First Person Shooter bHaptic Supported games here for you.

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Pavlov VR

Pavlov VR is a fantastic multiplayer shooter in VR, and the bHaptics tactsuit brings a level of immersion that is truly fantastic.

The Firearms provide recoil patterns on the arms and chest, simulating the feeling of shooting a real gun. Use this to your advantage during combat to gain an edge.

The haptic feedback can be particularly useful in these matches, as it helps players to feel the weight and recoil of their weapons, giving them a better sense of control and accuracy. This can be especially important in the heat of battle, where quick reflexes and precise aiming can make the difference between victory and defeat.

Overall, Pavlov VR is a great example of how haptic technology can enhance the VR gaming experience. Its support for haptic feedback adds a new level of realism and immersion to the game, making it feel more like you are actually holding and shooting a gun in real life.

Contractors VR

Contractors VR is a competitive online-multiplayer FPS for Oculus Quest and PCVR platforms. It provides delicate haptic feedback when getting shot at, allowing you to launch a counter attack without relying on sound or on-screen indicators alone.

With a little practice you can become proficient at reloading your favorite weapon and throwing grenades, and the throw itself has a fairly realistic feeling.

The overall gameplay is also very nice in my opinion it’s got a really good Sprint speed that lets you get where you need to go when you’re not pointing your gun forward and you can jump which is always nice to see in a VR game.

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Onward VR

Onward is a tactical multiplayer shooter in VR known for its intense realism and competitive gameplay. The bHaptics Tactsuit allows you to feel the action like never before, allowing you to gain the upper hand against your opponents and achieve the glory of victory.

One of the standout features of Onward is its support for haptic technology, which adds a new level of realism and immersion to the game.

Sniper Elite VR

Sniper Elite VR is a stealth-action WW2 first-person shooter built exclusively for VR. Feel the intense kick of authentic WW2 weapons when you pull the trigger and take cover when incoming enemy fire triggers on your head and torso.

You need to be very deliberate with your shots in sniper elite VR because every weapon fires a little above your sights and the slow motion feature helps you aim better the oculus quest 2’s tracking is pretty iffy though and there are some other kinks to work out.

Into the Radius VR

Into the Radius is a single-player survival shooter for VR veterans. Explore the Radius zone filled with surreal landscapes and dangerous anomalies, use stealth, climbing, or realistic firearms to defend yourself, and discover fun haptic surprises like inhaling and exhaling when lighting up a virtual cigarette.

The story is a little bit into the unknown, but the survival and exploration aspect of the game shines the best, and you can buy everything so you don’t have to scavenge for food and guns.

You can buy guns in the shop in your shelter, and you can clean your guns with a toothbrush and some paper to make them last longer.

You can’t really drop your empty mags everywhere as they also cost money and so do the bullets so at times i was scraping bullets from the ground just to get that extra bit of ammunition it really makes you feel like you are surviving to stay alive.

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Zero Caliber: Reloaded

Zero Caliber: Reloaded is a story-driven military shooter with a full-blown single player/Co-op campaign (up to 4 players). The bHaptics TactSuit simulates the intense recoil patterns of each of the many weapons in the game.

The devs have improved the graphics in zero caliber reloaded in my review i described them as laughable the original opening level was laughably poor with low poly trees that popped in flat low res textures for buildings and level detail.

The game has improved dramatically since the original release, the interior levels are strong as ever but now the exterior levels are equally pleasing, the game actually looks very nice in places particularly frostbite and inspection, the AI still isn’t the smartest but it is much better.

Hyper Dash VR

Hyper Dash is a VR team-based shooter designed for online multiplayer. It offers 7 different game modes with the option to add mutators and feels different to use in each game mode.

The teleportation mechanic is one of the most crucial elements in making the game exciting and fun after amassing an extensive playerbase through sidequest, the official launch allowed for even more popularity.

Hyperdash is a solid fps that made its mark early on and managed to foster a healthy community of players. I can’t wait to see what changes the developers at triangle factory bring to it in the future with proper funding and an ever-increasing fan base.


SURV1V3 is a realistic zombie survival fps designed specifically for VIRTUAL REALITY that will let you test your survival skills. It features heart pounding haptics and intense zombie attacks that can be felt on your body with directional accuracy.

I played with my friend in Nightmare difficulty and I think the AI works well, but the animation of the character is just awful. If you have a zombie fit issue, there are some zombie with sexy legs.

The fact that you have three game modes, the possibility to play with your friends, a big map to explore, the audio being disappointing, and the melee combat needing work, but overall I think this game is worth your money.

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Tales of Glory 2 – Retaliation

Tales Of Glory 2 – Retaliation is a VR tactical shooter adventure mixing huge immersive battles against hundreds of NPCs and infiltration missions.

You can sneak up on your targets, grab their head with both hands and snap their bloody neck, beat them to death with your gun or stab them in the chest, and drag their lifeless meat sacks back into the darkness before they’re spotted.

Tales of glory 2 retaliation is an military strategy shooter that doesn’t really have a story or a campaign yet but the team at blacktail games has said that a co-op feature is potentially on the road map for future editions.

Grapple Tournament VR

Grapple Tournament is a VR Arcade Shooter with powerful rockets, electric tasers, rifle blasts, and more. Use your grappling hook to climb, dash, teleport, and grapple your way through stages.

This game handles guns incredibly special you can hold certain larger guns with two hands, which allows you to shoot grenades, or constantly spin the gun up with an extra shield for protection, or even shoot a weird energy ball that does damage.

These guns and shooting will be felt throughout the game with the bHaptic support features.

Guardians VR

Guardians VR lets you feel the recoil of each weapon as you fire it at the Alien Horde. Each enemy has a unique attack and the TactSuit will trigger unique fire patterns for an intensely immersive experience.

The machine guns are the best dual wielding knows there’s no reason not to try that out try out the other guns too i admit i have not tried the sword but at the higher difficulties i just don’t see myself wanting to go in there and get slaughtered.

You can just use your rocket lamp and jet pack to shoot up in the air to avoid all of the banglings and droids, and you just have to make sure to blow this up or you’re just gonna totally lose everything.

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Pioneer: Endless Journey

Pioneer: Endless Journey is a quality rogue-lite FPS game developed by bhaptics. Combine all sorts of different weapons, and fight against angry hordes of garden monsters and sentient plant creatures.

The game has procedurally generated levels, simple but very enjoyable to play, choose your own upgrade for your gun, choose the path to your attacking, find upgrades, fight different enemies, choose your own path to your attacking.

Propagation VR

Propagation VR is a very short but extremely enjoyable zombie survival game where you have to fend off waves of massive spiders and zombies using your fists, a shotgun and a pistol.

Once you’ve finished the tutorial you find yourself alone in a dark subway station surrounded by litter and inoperable trains, and soon after you hear distant groaning from the first zombie. The zombies slowly make their way over to you from all sides.

The sound design is awesome and you can easily hear if something is creeping up on you from behind.

The visuals are pretty impressive and compliment the sound effects well, and the lighting effects are really well done so you can just about make out a shadow of something coming towards you from the darkness.

Quake 3 Arena

Quake 3 Arena is a VR shooter in a dystopian megatower where high-ranking warriors are transformed into spineless mush. The TactSuit reacts to your shots and allows you to counter attack without relying on sound or on-screen indicators alone.

The weapons in the game look cool and the demo is available for download. You can play online with three or four maps, and you need to pick demo servers.

Phobos is the master chief before master chief even existed, and you don’t need to buy the game to test this out.

The rumble is fantastic, and you can scope with guns, and the game just feels genuine in VR.

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Sweet Surrender

Sweet Surrender is a single player experience with a fantastic native bHaptics TactSuit integration. Ride lifts, pick up items, and equip chips on your arms to experience custom and accurate haptic feedback patterns.

Sweet Surrender features unique weapons that feel different as you pull the trigger. Stepping into a trap or falling into lava will yield special haptics.

The game offers an entertaining albiet flawed action experience that will no doubt capture the attention of many players if only for a limited time despite lacking the subtleties and nuances that make the genre so addictive.


ARK-ADE is a retro-inspired VR First Person Shooter that puts you in an evocative low-poly 80’s Sci-Fi setting. The TactSuit provides unparalleled immersion and information in the heat of battle.

There are seven levels in arcade and every one of them feels fresh and new with completely different environments and a few fun surprises.

The game has a high quality spectator option so content creators can create awesome content and you guys have a better look on the game before you buy it now let’s jump in the game the levels are very different and beautiful you always start out with a pistol.

Tower Tag

Tower Tag is a cyberpunk PVP shooter with a grappling hook locomotion method. The bHaptics TactSuit connects you to all the action of Tower Tag, starting with the pulse of your blaster triggering immersive recoil patterns.

There is no snap turning or alternative mode of locomotion in this game so having adequate play area is a must you can either press the quick join button to automatically be thrown into a lobby or go to a custom match to create a custom lobby for you and your friends.


Larcenauts is a VR team based hero shooter with 9 different Specialists and 4 different maps. The bHaptics TactSuit has been integrated to provide a competitive edge when playing Larcenauts.

Larcenauts features a deep progression system for each character which unlocks character skins and power plates as you progress through the game you’ll be rewarded with loot boxes for completing matches and there’s no micro transactions for loot boxes.

The game uses smooth locomotion throughout, has a grenade on your chest which can be physically thrown, and has quick skills tied to the a button and a powerful alt-fire mode which can be activated by holding the supporting hands trigger button.

Crisis Vrigade

Crisis VRigade lets players take on the role of a SWAT trooper and deal with terrorist situations. The bHaptics TactSuit provides heart pounding haptics that truly increases the immersion of your gameplay.

This game has three game modes, a story mode, a time attack mode, and a challenge mode. In the story mode, you have to complete all the maps to proceed to the next one, and in the time attack mode, you have seven minutes to complete the mission.

You have seven minutes to kill all the enemies, take cover, avoid getting shot, and kill for your enemies. The game is motion sickness proof, because you can move from an area to another one by teleporting.

Crisis Vrigade 2

Crisis VRigade 2 is an action-filled virtual reality first-person shooter that lets players experience powerful weapon recoil on their arms and chest.

The manual mode is more fun, but sometimes the enemies will run up on you, so you have to be quick. The levels are pretty long too, so take out the cover and kind of lean behind things and stuff.

You can see that the levels have a nice variety to them, and if you guys are shooting fans into cooperative games online with your friends definitely check this one out.

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Do VR haptic suits exist?

Yes, they do exist and are available to purchase from bHaptic Website.

The haptic suit is a wearable device that provides haptic feedback to the user’s hands, feet, and other parts of the body. It is also known as the VR suit, tactile suit, gaming suit, or haptic vest.

Is bHaptics compatible with Oculus Quest 2?

As long as you can download and play a game in your quest 2 headset, and that game is listed on bHaptic website, bHaptic will be compatible.

bHaptic technology is solely developed for Specific VR games where a user can feel the game as if he is a real person playing the game.

The compatibility of haptic suits with the Oculus Quest 2 would depend on a variety of factors, including the specific design of the haptic suit and the compatibility of its technology with the Oculus Quest 2. It’s possible that some haptic suits may not be compatible with the Oculus Quest 2.

What is TactSuit?

A TactSuit (haptic suit) typically consists of a wearable garment, such as a vest or suit, that is equipped with a series of actuators and sensors. These actuators and sensors can create vibrations and other tactile sensations that mimic the feeling of touch.

Haptic suits are commonly used in virtual reality (VR) experiences to provide users with a more immersive and realistic experience.

For example, a haptic suit might be used in a VR game to simulate the sensation of being hit by a bullet or the sensation of holding and firing a gun. Haptic suits are also used in other applications, such as military training simulations and rehabilitation therapy.

Can you feel heat in a haptic suit?

Right now there is no haptic suit that can make you feel heat or cold.

But, It is theoretically possible for a haptic suit to simulate the sensation of heat, but this would depend on the specific design and technology of the haptic suit.

While haptic technology is typically used to simulate the sensation of touch, some haptic suits may be designed to also simulate the sensation of heat. This could be accomplished through the use of heat-sensitive materials or sensors, which could detect changes in temperature and provide haptic feedback accordingly. 

However, not all haptic suits are designed to simulate the sensation of heat, and some may only be capable of simulating touch.

Overall, whether or not a haptic suit can simulate the sensation of heat would depend on the specific design and technology of the haptic suit.