Top 10 VR Shooter Games For Meta Quest 2

Using virtual reality to play shooting games is a craze that has been sweeping the globe since its inception.

Virtual reality enthusiasts, including myself, believe that Half-Life: Alyx is the best vr shooting game of all time with nearly no flaws. It has some of the best VR shooter action you’ve ever seen, and incredible VR gunplay.

There are also many shooting games online, and choosing the best one is tricky since you cannot play them all to find the most intense and entertaining one!

As a result of our research, we went to the VR community, gathered a list of the most positive FPS/shooting games, and played them ourselves to figure out what will be the best fit for you.

In case you’ve kids and they don’t like to play these games or if you dont want them to, there are a lot of VR games for kids that your kid may like to play for fun.

Here is our top 10 pick for VR shooter games:

Half-Life: Alyx

Release DateMarch 23, 2020
DeveloperValve Corporation
Space Required67 GB

The reign of the Combine has finally come to an end. With their defeat, humans have reclaimed Earth and are now rebuilding society.

This game is about a character named Alyx Vance who is fighting against an alien race called the Combine.

The one word that can describe Half-Life: Alyx is “amazing”. This game completely immerses you in the world of Half-Life and makes you feel like you are part of the story.

The game received critical acclaim, with praise for its gameplay, story, and voice acting. Half-Life: Alyx was nominated for Best Game of the Year awards.

The gameplay is incredible, the graphics are top-notch, and the overall atmosphere is just perfect.

Alyx is now one of the people helping to rebuild the world. She is also working on a new project that could change the course of humanity forever.

So if you also wanna part of her journey, go to the store and start playing now. Also, it has a sequel available on steam.


In the shooting world of contractors, you are the newest recruit.

Starting from the very bottom as a rookie with nothing but a pistol and a few coins to your name, you must work your way up the ranks by taking on contracts and earning money to buy new weapons and gear.

The game is an online multiplayer shooter with a variety of different modes to choose from.

You can play alone or in a team, and there is also a cooperative mode where you can team up with other players to take on AI-controlled enemies.

The graphics are good and the shooting mechanics are solid.

There is a decent variety of weapons and equipment to buy, and the progression system keeps you coming back for more.

The only downside is that the game can be a bit gritty at times, and the matchmaking can be frustrating.

Overall, though, Contractors is a fun and addictive shooter that is well worth checking out.

Hyper Dash VR

This will remind you of Tron, with its bright lights and geometric shapes.

You’ll be zipping around on your light cycle, trying to outmanoeuvre the other players. The goal is to make them crash into your tail of light, or force them off the edge of the arena.

The arenas are set up in a variety of different ways, so there’s always something new to look at. The fast-paced action is sure to get your heart racing.

One of the things that make Hyper Dash VR so unique is the fact that it is a multiplayer game. You’ll be able to compete against other players from all over the world. There’s nothing quite like it.

If you’re looking for a high-octane VR experience, Hyper Dash VR is the game for you.


The whole concept of POPULATION: ONE VR is very ambitious and it’s great to see a game that takes full advantage of what VR has to offer.

The game is a massively multiplayer online battle royale where players are dropped into a large map with the goal of being the last person standing.

The game looks great and runs smoothly, even on lower-end hardware.

The developers have done a great job of optimizing the game for VR. The controls are also well-designed and feel natural in VR quest 2.

However, there are some technical issues that need to be ironed out.

For example, I occasionally experienced frame rate drops and stuttering when there were a lot of players on screen.

And while the voice chat works well most of the time, there have been occasions where it cuts out or becomes distorted.

Despite these technical issues, POPULATION: ONE VR is a great game with a lot of potential.

The developers are constantly updating the game and adding new features, so I’m confident that these issues will be addressed in future updates.

Gunman Contracts

Just subscribe to get the game on steam and start playing, how easy is that right?

It’s nearly impossible to find free shooting games like this one and even more so ones that are worth your time.

Gunman Contracts is an immersive, challenging, and incredibly replayable VR shooter that will have you on the edge of your seat.

With a variety of different modes to keep you coming back for more, as well as a robust multiplayer community, there’s plenty to love about this title.

Or if you want to beat some drums out of anger, you can jump in into playing games that are only for future Rockstars.

The enemy AI is also surprisingly competent, making for some tense firefights. The game does a great job of making you feel like an unstoppable badass when you’re mowing down enemies left and right, but also vulnerable when things are going south.

The only downside is that the game can be a bit repetitive after a while. But what you could expect more than that from free VR shooting games!

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

More than that, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners is an excellent VR game that immerses you in the world of the zombie apocalypse. The sense of scale is impressive and the ability to interact with your environment makes for a very believable experience.

The game is a first-person shooter with elements of horror and survival. You play as a survivor in the zombie apocalypse and must fight your way through hordes of zombies to survive.

The game has an open-world sandbox environment that allows you to explore and scavenge for supplies. There are also missions you can complete to progress the story. The graphics are realistic and the game is very violent.

The reason i loved this game because i got to punch some Zombies when i feel very angry. I have learned good punching by playing some boxing matches through my VR headset.

The combat is enjoyable, although it can be challenging at times. The zombies are relentless and if you’re not careful, you can easily be overwhelmed. The game does a good job of making you feel like you’re in a desperate fight for survival.

Sniper Elite VR

Wanna be a marksman in VR? With Sniper Elite, now you can!

Step into the boots of a world-class marksman and take on challenging sniper missions in exotic locations around the globe, from the African Savannah to the dense jungles of the Far East.

Using your virtual reality headset, immerse yourself in beautifully realized WW2 environments and use your sharpshooting skills to take down targets with lethal precision.

With its realistic ballistics, breathing, and heart rate mechanics, Sniper Elite VR brings the intense experience of being a long-range marksman to virtual reality.

And with multiple gameplay modes, including a cooperative mode for two-player online co-op, there are plenty of reasons to keep coming back for more.

Resident Evil 4

Who would have thought that one of the best vr shooting games would be a port of a 15-year-old title?

Resident Evil 4 is a masterpiece of a game, and it only gets better in VR. The immersion that VR provides makes the already intense action and scares all the more harrowing.

The controls have been updated to work well with VR, and the game runs smoothly on most quest 2 headsets. If you’re looking for a top-notch VR shooting game, Resident Evil 4 is a must-play.

Resident Evil 7 VR

Introducing you to the best game of 2017- Resident Evil 7 VR.

The game is set up like a traditional horror game, with jump scares and intense moments. However, the VR aspect of the game makes it even more terrifying.

The player controls Ethan Winters as he searches for his wife Mia, which leads him to a derelict plantation inhabited by the Baker family.

The game uses a new game engine called RE Engine, which was specifically designed for resident evil 7 in order to create photorealistic graphics, great lighting effects, and intense sound design.

The player can move around in virtual reality and interact with the environment, using objects such as knives and guns to defend themselves from enemies.

The game has been critically acclaimed for its immersive atmosphere and gameplay.

The shooting mechanics have been greatly improved from previous resident evil games, making it one of the best in the series.

The player can now use firearms to shoot at enemies, as well as melee weapons to defend themselves.


This game takes the best of stealth games and open-world action RPGs and mashes them together into a gorgeous, crime-filled package.

You play as a member of an elite group of thieves called the Larcenauts, and your job is to pull off heists in the city of New Haven. The catch is that you have to do it while avoiding the police, and while trying to keep your fellow Larcenauts alive.

The game is gorgeous, and the stealth gameplay is top-notch. The open world is huge, and there are tons of things to do just like you will like to do on newly launched star wars games.

Though we put this game into the last of the list, that doesn’t mean it lacks fun compared to others at all.