Oculus Quest 2 Mic Not Working On VRchat/PC/Games – How To Fix?

What you need to know

  • In most cases, microphones do not work due to internal damage, dirt, or software issues.
  • You can test your quest 2 microphone via PC
  • The common solution to this mic issue is restarting your headset via hold down the power button on your quest 2.
  • This is not happening because of VRChat finger Tracking update.

The feeling of being isolated from the people you’re trying to connect with is frustrating, we know.

I once faced speaker not working on my quest 2 headset.

That’s why we’ve gathered information on how to fix Meta Quest 2 mic not working so you can get back to chatting it up with friends and family in VRchat, discord or while gaming as well.

There are a few potential causes for your microphone not working properly on your Quest 2.

We’ll go over a few of the most common reasons and their solutions so you can get your mic up and running again in no time.

How To Test Your Meta Quest 2 Mic

Make sure you have already connected your meta quest 2 to a compatible PC.

  • Now, select Start > go to Settings > System > Click for Sound
  • From here, go to Input > Click “Test your microphone

Whenever you speak while wearing your Quest 2, a blue bar should rise and fall in accordance with it.

A moving bar indicates that your PC is properly detecting your microphone.

Reasons For Oculus Quest 2 Mic not working

There are a few reasons why your Quest 2’s internal microphone might not be working.

One possibility is that the microphone is disabled in the Oculus app. To check this, open the Meta app, go to Settings > Devices > Quest > Microphone, and make sure that the Microphone setting is turned on.

You can also check to see if there’s anything obstructing the microphone’s path to your mouth, such as clothing or hair.

Something like a noisy environment can also interfere with the microphone.

If you’re in a place with a lot of background noise, it might be difficult for the Meta Quest 2 to pick up your voice. Try moving to a quiet area before using the Quest 2’s internal microphone.

If the headset falls to the ground, the microphone might become dislodged. Check to make sure that the mic is still attached to the headset and didn’t come loose during a fall.

Internal microphones can also sometimes stop working due to hardware issues as I have mentioned.

If you’ve ruled out all of the above possibilities, then it’s possible that there’s a problem with the Quest 2’s hardware. In this case, you’ll need to contact Meta customer support for assistance.

The last reason for the mic not working on quest 2 while gaming is you may not allow the permissions on the setting. To check:

  • Go to Meta settings > Applications > Permissions
  • Hit “Microphone” and click enable to allow your apps to use a microphone.

Now let’s dive into the other possible solutions that you can try to fix this issue.

How to fix Meta Quest 2 Mic not working

Chatting or even just trying to talk to friends and family on Meta Quest can be difficult when the microphone isn’t working. Here are a couple of things you can try to fix this issue.

First, make sure the microphone is turned on in the Settings menu.

If you have updated your quest 2 a while ago then the system may disable your microphone automatically from the setting. To enable it:

  • Go to the settings > Scroll down and find “show disconnected devices”
  • There if you see a Quest 2 mic, click it to enable the setting

If the microphone is already on, try restarting the Oculus Quest.

Now, just want to restart the headset, you can do so by

  • Pressing and holding the power button for a few seconds.
  • This will bring up a menu where you can select “Restart.”

The microphone should now work again after you have rebooted your headset.

If not,

I recommend you restart the Software as well

To restart the Meta software

  • Go to the settings menu
  • Select “Apps.”
  • From there, you can find the “Oculus/Meta” app and select “Restart.”

Now you can consider also other things in case the restart solution did not work

First, make sure the audio drivers are fully up to date

Second, ensure that the microphone on your PC is enabled as well. To do that –

  • Press windows > Search “microphone privacy” > select “Microphone privacy settings
  • Now allow microphone access to your quest 2 device
  • Allow apps to access your microphone 
  • Also, Allow desktop apps to access your microphone

By turning these settings, your microphone issue now should be fixed.

How To Fix Meta Quest 2 Mic Not Working With Oculus Link

According to meta, this is a known issue that users may face while voice chatting using the Meta link. Though they have said to fix this issue in near future through updates, however, we are sharing some common things you can consider to check now:

Check the audio input and output for your Quest 2:

  • Open the Oculus/Meta app on your pc.
  • Click Devices > select Quest and Touch.
  • Under Audio Output in VR, make sure that your Quest headset is selected.

Check the audio input and output for your PC:

  • In windows, open the sound setting
  • Set your input and output devices both to Meta Virtual Audio Device.

Furthermore, ensure that Meta Virtual Audio Device is set as your audio source on any third-party VR software you use on your PC.