VRchat Beta Finger Tracking On Quest 2/Pro – Setup & User Guide

Recently VRchat launches a super helpful finger-tracking feature for oculus quest 2 or meta quest pro that allows users to run VRchat without using controllers.

According to VRchat, “You can move around, jump, and use your menu with just your hands using the Quest’s powerful finger tracking, and you don’t need any controllers.

Point to be noted, this feature is only to use in VRchat on quest 2.

Also, it does not work via Quest Link, Quest Airlink, or Virtual Desktop for now.

That means these things could also be added in near future.

Unfortunately, it’s also not available on other VR headsets except Meta quest 2/pro.

How to install VRchat Beta On Quest 2/pro?

The process is really simple. Follow the steps below to get this:

  • On your PC open any browser
  • Now search for applabdb.com > search VRchat
  • Now click the app and it will take you to the Oculus store
  • Now Purchase the app for $37.
  • Once you install that, it will show up on your quest headset
  • Turn on oculus quest 2/meta quest pro
  • Go to settings> Movement tracking > Enable “Hand tracking” mode
  • Finally, go to app library > find VRchat beta > Click to open and enjoy

How to use VRchat finger tracking on Meta Quest 2/pro?

Here are some interesting tricks to use your real figure-tracking feature properly:

Open Menu: Using your left hand, Hold your thumb for 1 second to open up the menu

Press button: Using the right hand, point out the functions and Air pinch to press it.

Scroll: Hold your right-hand thumb and drag to scroll

Mute & Unmute: Using the left hand, Hold your thumb and ring finger for a second to mute and unmute.

Move: In order to move first you need to turn on the Locomotion from Menu > Setting > Comfort and safety. Then using the left hand, Hold your thumb and middle finger, and use them like a virtual joystick to move ahead and back.

Comfort Turn left/right: Using the right hand, Hold your thumb and middle finger to move left and right.

Smooth Turn left/right: First, you need to enable it from the setting. Using the right hand, Hold your thumb and middle finger to move left and right. You can also easily turn while moving.

Jump: Using the right hand, Tap your thumb to the middle finger to jump. You can also jump while running or walking.

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