Best VRChat Avatar Worlds List from Talented Avatar Creators

Do you wish you could visit amazing virtual worlds in VRChat with your favorite avatar?

Yes, this thing has now become more fun where you can choose any Avatar you want. If you are waiting for a good news then you must know that VRChat Beta Finger Tracking has already started working to enhance the gameplay by more than ever.

Metaverse and gaming have already become big things for people. However, there is one huge problem with VRChat that has prevented many people from enjoying what it can offer them. After some research, we found that the problem is they don’t have an avatar.

Having an avatar means that when you jump into a world, you don’t have to worry about a few things like having to wear a mask or having to look weird while you walk around.

Using Avatars will allow you to interact with virtual worlds with a very different look of yourself which makes you unique. While avatars can be used for fun purposes, they can also be used in serious applications such as gaming and education.

With a whole new generation of virtual reality headsets hitting the market, the number of VRChat worlds has increased exponentially.

We’ve got the biggest, best, and most popular VRChat avatar worlds out there. From fantasy lands to epic dungeons and everything in between, these worlds are sure to keep you busy for hours on end.

Kamis Lookout By KingTodds

The worlds in Kami’s Lookout are pretty amazing. The characters are all made with very high quality graphics that look great in general.

I noticed that the avatars in the world are very detailed even the backgrounds were looking pretty good.

You can expect a wide range of characters from Dragonball, Naruto, video games, and more that can be used with PC virtual reality headsets.

If I talk about avatars, there are many numerous types of avatars in this world. I liked the fact that some of the avatars have hair that is tied into bunches while others have special facial features.

Oculus Quest users can only choose avatars that have the lime green symbol on them or they won’t be able to see the avatars.

PCVR users can use avatars that have both blue and green symbols.

To see how the avatar looks, you can view it in the mirror or your settings.

Toga And Ikita Avatars

Toga and Ikita Avatar is a beautiful VRChat avatar world with a modern aesthetic and a good number of well-made female avatars.

There are a lot of well-made female avatars with great attention to detail. The clothes and accessories are cool. There are some of the best designed and made avatars that I have seen, and these are the ones that you would want to use as your online identity.

It is definitely the type of avatar world that you would want to use as an online identity within VRChat.

It’s a real pleasure to spend time in Toga and Ikita’s VRChat avatar world, and it seems to be really popular, with loads of other people there every time I visit.

It’s no wonder this is one of the most popular virtual reality experiences on the market. You’ll get a real taste of what it’s like to be inside a giant VRChat world.

Pasta Alfredo Avatars

Pasta Alfredo is a brilliant VRChat avatar world with loads of pop-culture avatars, and really catchy background music. It is a world to visit if you want to play as a character, but not if you are looking for a more generic avatar.

It is some of the best cartoon oriented VR Avatar I’ve ever seen. They have penguins from Madagascar, Presidents, Characters from last Airbinder, Naruto, Pokemon, Super Mario, half life Characters, and other Nintendo characters.

If you’re a star wars fan, definitely check them out as they have the biggest collection of star troops and bots collection.

Mids AVA World

This VRChat avatar world has many anime avatars and a selection of other characters from popular shows and games.

They have everything from Kirito of Sword art online to the famous Pokémon.

VRChat has some of the largest avatars I’ve ever seen, including Megazord, who towers above the world when you change into him.

This is a really well laid-out VRChat avatar world, with a long mirror that lets you easily see which avatars are on offer.

Especially if you’re an Anime fan this a definitely a good place to check out.

Big Al’s Avatar Corridors

Big Al’s Avatar Corridors is a series of subterranean tunnels full of avatars from popular shows and movies. Each avatar is clearly displayed and labeled, and many have custom emotes and animations.

You can see at a glance what each avatar is by labeling them.

It’s an improvement on most other avatar worlds, which don’t have their avatars labeled.

There are a variety of avatars in this collection. Some are compatible with both PC VR and Quest, while others have unique custom emotes and animations.

PsychoUpdates’s Avatars

This VRChat avatar world is themed like a cross between a club and a high-end urban clothes boutique, with a purple theme and a great soundtrack. There is a large dressing room with a good choice of clothing options, and a seating area to chill out.

With the changing rooms organized in a well-organized grid and a handy mirror in the corner, you can just walk around the room and try each avatar on, and if you want, you can check yourself out in the mirror.

After choosing your outfit, you’ll be ready to hit the street and meet up with your friends. In this chapter, you’ll learn more about PsychoUpdate’s awesome world, including how it works, what happens if you’re not logged in, and much more!

You’ll also find a lounge to chill out.

Hidden4Loves Avatar Forest

Hidden4Love’s Avatar Forest is a really impressive avatar world with hundreds of female avatars to choose from.

It’s bright and cheerful, with lots of different clothing, hair, and style options, and you can teleport between rows of avatars making navigation around the world very easy.

The creator of this VRChat avatar world deserves a lot of credit for creating one of the best.

I love the forest theme because the ride is pretty cool, and you can even teleport yourself to “cloud heaven” to get a great view of the world from above or relax in the elevated seating area.

All of the avatars are similar to each other, so you’ll either love this VRChat experience or you’ll find yourself skipping through it quickly.

One of the best virtual reality chat worlds is Lily. She is the avatar of a very talented, creative woman and the creator deserves a lot of credit for creating such a unique and compelling world.

Genshin Impact Avatar World

This beautiful world has a great selection of Genshin Impact avatars, is compatible with PC VR and Quest, and has great animations. It is worth visiting just to relax and enjoy the ambiance of a fantastic location, never mind the top-quality avatars on offer.

This recreation of the cathedral at Mondstadt is amazing and the visuals are breathtaking.

It is an avatar world that is worth visiting just for the ambiance of a fantastic location.

I think this is a really cool community, and it always has a big and active chat with lots of fun people hanging around.

Even if you aren’t a big fan of Genshin Impact, this is a great VRChat avatar world to visit to take a look around and check out the new

Rum Ham’s Avatar World

Run Ham’s Avatar World has a huge selection of avatars from a selection of creators, and although the quality ranges from reasonable to terrible, there are some cool characters that I really enjoyed browsing through.

Some of the selections are pretty lame but there are some really cool ones in here, so if you’re looking for a good gift for your gamer friends, then this is worth looking into.

The VRChat avatar world has a range of avatars that aren’t labeled, but you can try them out and see which ones you like.

There are a lot of portals to other avatar worlds, so it is a good way to see plenty of avatars in a short time.

100 Avatars

There are more than 100 VRChat avatars in this world, including garden gnomes, aliens, humans of all shapes and sizes, food, shapes, snowmen, and many other random avatars.

The collection features over 1,000 different characters from all over the world, as well as animals, objects, food, and more.

This is a nice VRChat avatar world with colorful grass, hills, water, and small rivers and bridges separating each area.

You can try out different avatar styles in the game to see which one works best for you. You can also use the mirror to check out your appearance.

This is a nice VRChat world for anyone wanting to purchase some funny avatars. Although the selection is not as diverse as some other worlds out there, it’s still pretty decent.

Pokemon Avatars

The world itself is fairly basic, but the avatars are arranged neatly and the mirror lets you check them out.

The World itself is quite basic, but if you’re looking for good Pokémon avatars for VRChat, then this is a great place to visit.

There are several avatars that look quite different.

Only Pokemon exist in the virtual world and there are no trainers or other characters. This avatar world is only for Pokemon lovers.

Tyson’s Pokemon Avatars

Tyson’s Pokemon Avatars is a really well-made world with a great selection of characters from the pokemon universe. All the avatars are compatible with PC VR and Quest, and the world is a fun place to explore.

The quality of the avatars is generally very good, and all are compatible with the PC VR and Quest.

Except for having a custom avatar made, I think these are some of the best Pokémon avatars you’ll find in VRChat.

These avatars have been created with much love and attention to detail, making them fun places to explore.

There are many other Pokemon avatar worlds to explore, and I would encourage you to explore some of them, as you will be able to find the avatar you want.

Collin’s Avatar World

Collin’s Avatar World is a delightfully cheerful town center with a number of different avatars available. They are compatible with PCVR and Quest and most have a few animations.

Most of the avatars are compatible with the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive and they have a few animations to keep you entertained.

There are also many interesting avatar worlds. One of them has avatars of a similar theme.

Snowdin Town Avatar Hub

This nicely themed avatar hub is a great place to meet nice people and find some cool VRChat avatars. It is compatible with PCVR and Quest.

I’ve spent hours exploring this virtual reality world and talking to the other visitors. It’s been a pleasant experience.

The Snowdin Town Avatar Hub is worth visiting if you’re looking to meet nice people and find some cool avatars.

Just be patient, because the more time you spend, the more you will get used to it and find yourself playing them much more often.

Snazzy Jazzy JoJo Avatars

This VRChat avatar world is really pleasant, and the avatars are well made. There are a few emotes and effects to keep you entertained, and there is a steady stream of other players to chat to.

It’s impressive to see how much effort and time has been put into creating these avatars.

This avatar had an incredible style. I wish I could have created such a character! The style isn’t common, but it makes for a cool avatar.

It’s quite a popular avatar world for VRChat. Many people visit this place to chat with others, and the community has been around for some time now.

Minecraft Dream SMP World

This VRChat avatar world is built with care and attention to detail and has about 50 Minecraft-themed VRChat avatars. You can try out a range of PCVR and Quest compatible avatars, and spend time exploring this detailed world.

There are so many emotes, including the club penguin dance that made me laugh.

You can equip different weapons, shields, and a pickaxe, to get immersed in the Minecraft theme.1.

The world is enormous, too – you can walk around for hours and not see anything.

There’s a bit of everything here, from small villages to huge mountains, and there are plenty of things to do and places to explore.

It’s a pretty great place to hang out, whether it’s just a few minutes or an hour or two. I spent a lot of time in the game, and I think that anyone who has even a little interest in Minecraft will have fun here.

Is it possible to search for VRChat Avatars?

In VRChat, avatars are linked to the individual user account of the creator, not to a collection. Avatars could be displayed by users and tried on by other users, but they couldn’t be saved. Avatars can now be saved as favorites over time as additional functionality is added.

It is fun to interact with other users with a custom avatar in VRChat. It may be possible to create a searchable database of all avatars, but it may take away some of the appeal of finding or creating a unique avatar.

Avatars can be collected by looking in VRChat avatar worlds that have a similar theme to the type of avatar you want.

How to add shaders to VRChat Avatars?

You can get shaders from Vrcmods

To apply shaders to your avatar in you need Unity and Sdk 2. It’s very basic, just a grayish white ball that you can drag onto your avatar to change its color.

You can import packages of shaders that have a lot more advanced things and you can change the color of the metal to your liking by going to main tint and metallic tint.

A glow shader is a popular shader that you’ll see in lobbies and on avatars. It’s very simple to use, just make a new material, drag it onto your avatar, change the colors and everything, and then publish and upload.

How to add emotes to VRChat Avatars?

To add a custom Afk animation to your 3.0 avatar, duplicate the Vrc Sdk Avatar V3 Action Layer animator and rename it to Action. Then, insert your controller into the action layer on your avatar’s avatar descriptor.

Upload your avatar, enter Afk mode, and make sure Afk detection is set to on in the config section.

Add new controls for your emotes, set the parameter to Vrce mode, and upload your avatar.

Do you have to buy avatars in VRChat?

Yes, for having the top notch experience you will have to buy avatars in VRChat.

But there are a lot of free avatars to use but those will not satisfy you.

How to force clone avatars on VRChat quest 2

If you want to steal anyone’s Avatar by force cloning it, follow the methods below.

  • To clone an avatar on Pc and Quest, find someone with an avatar you like, go to a public world, and make sure they don’t have Avatar Pony enabled.
  • Then, open up your menu and point on someone.
  • Click on the person whose Avatar you want to steal, scroll down, and click on the little icon.
  • You have to click on the word Avatar and immediately drag your cursor here and click on this to change it to the Avatar.
  • If you mess up, go back into avatars and do the same thing.

How to Reset VRChat Avatars?

If you’re stuck in an avatar and can’t access your menu, you can reset your avatar back to a default avatar.

  • When you’re loading into a map, hold both menu buttons on your trigger and you will be in a default avatar. You can then change your avatar as you like.
  • If you have a Vrchat account, you can reset your avatar on the website, and if you have an advanced account or Steam account, you can use those to change your avatar as well.
  • On your keyboard, press shift and backslash together to return your avatar to default.
  • This works for both VR and desktop mode.

How to edit existing VRChat Avatars

If you want to update an avatar, you don’t have to delete the old one, re-import the new one, and redo all the colliders and dynamic bones and the descriptor again.

Instead, you can just copy the Fbx and paste it into your Unity Projects folder.

If you paste the same file name as the old model into the same folder, Unity will reapply the colliders and dynamic bones to the new model.

How to fix VRChat Avatars not loading

For fixing the VRChat avatar not loading, you need to reset your own avatar and re customize it a little bit.

  • Go ahead and merge your Vr chat account and your Oculus account, and then restart your chat.
  • If it doesn’t work, quit your chat and go into Vr chat again, and then press Y and B.
  • Holding down the U buttons, the Y and B button will give you a robot avatar just for that scenario.
  • You don’t have to do anything, it just resets your avatar to make sure you have your avatar back into action.