How to Connect AirPods & Earbuds to Oculus Quest 2 – Updated Way to Connect

Earbuds and AirPods use Bluetooth to connect with any device. So, you can use any Bluetooth earphones to connect with the Oculus Quest 2.

When the Oculus Quest was launched, there was a setting called “experimental features” and that was the only way to connect Bluetooth earphones.

But now with the latest update of Oculus Quest 2, you can connect your earphones just like any other android and iOS device.

There’s also a 3.5mm headphone jack along with a USB-C port, and these ports are can be used to connect wired earphones to the Oculus Quest 2.

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How to use AirPods & Earbuds on the Oculus Quest 2?

Airpods and earbuds use Bluetooth to connect with other devices. The process is very simple and easy.

To connect Bluetooth headphones to oculus quest 2:

  • Wear your Airpods/Earbuds
  • Go to settings
  • Click on devices
  • Click on Bluetooth Pairing
  • You’ll see your Airpods/Earbuds’ name
  • Click on Pair & you’re Done

Issues You may face if you connect Airpods Pro with Oculus Quest 2 connection

Airpods pro is a completely new technology and it was released a lot later than Quest 2. As we all know, Airpods are specially designed for Apple devices and work seamlessly with iPhones while the Quest 2 is running on Android OS.

So, the software compatibility may cause some issues after connecting the Airpods Pro.

Oculus Quest 2 users may encounter these issues after connecting Airpods Pro:

  • It may disconnect suddenly as it is connected to an Android device.
  • You will experience a lag in audio for a minimum of 1 second after starting the video 
  • You may experience issues with the clarity of videos and the speed of the Oculus quest 2

But, there were no issues with the video and tracking speed as they were working fine every single time we connected them. However, we noticed some video frame drops a pixilated screen once.

These issues are very likely to happen as the Airpods pro is not built or we can say not optimized for running with Android devices like Quest 2 or Quest pro.

Meta announced that these glitches are very rare and they will roll out a software update very soon to fix other issues also.

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