Final Fantasy XIV VR Mod is coming – Here’s what you need to know

Your favorite VR game Final Fantasy XIV is coming with a Modded version.

The modders Marulu & Streetrat, who are a successful modder have already acclaimed massive success on moding other exciting games, now they are working hard on FF XIV. The mod will support 1st & 3rd person, motion controls, and more to be available in the future.

VR mods are getting more and more famous in the VR gaming community. With that being said, Final Fantasy is one of those games that a lot of people played but I personally never really played it because I’ve always waited for the Mod version.

When it will be finally available, I’ll certainly be trying it out as the experience is going to be a very exciting I hope more and more of these mods for flat screen 2D games release.

Over the years i have noticed that there are a lot of modders and they are doing very good job, from an official source i found out that the stranger thing VR is being developed and other sources says there is a possibility of releasing new Sword Art Online VR games in 2023.

First you’ll be able to play using your motion controllers as the mod developers are done with their updates, you can also play with mouse & keyboard to control all the action.

VR mods that turn 2D or flat screen games into virtual reality have been appearing more and more recently and they work quite well multiple of them even with controller support

I would not recommend to a beginner VR player as they are mods they’re not officially made a lot of them really are quite fleshed out and made work really really well and they are something that I would say you better try Final Fantasy XIV VR Mod as it is good as the Official game.