Meta Quest Pro: Remote Desktop (Beta) Review

Meta has released the beta version of Remote Desktop app and it seems like they are pretty serious about it. If you’re not seeing it right now, wait a little bit it will be available very soon to you too.

So, let’s talk about what it looks like and what to expect from this hyped remote desktop app.

Remote desktop is available for Oculus Quest, Oculus Quest 2, and of course Meta Quest Pro. You don’t need to download it separately as it will be added to your home screen as a part of an update.

Simply, the remote desktop app will allow you to mirror your computer screen within VR. The best part is the app is optimized for use in meta quest pro color pass thru.

Now let’s take you inside the app and show you what it looks like.

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The summary for the App says this is the beta release of the app and it will allow you to bla bla bla.

More Info

Here in the more info tab, there’s a little bit of information about the app, about the supports, and what platform it will available on.


From the review tab, you can give ratings on how you feel about the App and what new things you wanted.

Screen Sharing

Click on Start and “add your computer”.

You can connect MacBook and Windows PC with Quest Pro.
Connect your Computer with the Meta Quest Pro for mirroring the screen.

After connecting, just click on the computer name and it will instantly take you to the screen.

Resolution Changing

If you select the resolution option, it will let you adjust the screen with a little bit of Zoom in or Out.

For me, 1.50x is better and more comfortable.

Multiple Tab Opened

So, the benefit is the Remote Desktop is pretty much integrated into your Oculus Home screen.

It’s very easy to access your remote displays without having to start the app.

Drag any app to open it side by side.

Pass Through Feature

As I said earlier, the app is optimized for meta quest pro color passthrough. Just click on the passthrough option and there you go, you can now see everything.

If your Oculus Quest 2 passthrough not working, don’t worry it’s really normal for VR users. Check for the oculus guardian setting, and adjust it.