Play Offline Co-op Game Espire 2 VR on Meta quest 2/pro From Nov 17

Espire 2 Launches on November the 17th 2022. It features both a single player campaign and a dedicated Co-op multiplayer campaign. You can pre-order Espire 2 now for the Meta Quest 2.

Espire 2: How is the gameplay and what to expect?

Espire 2 is a two-player Co-op robot embodying Splinter Cell emulating Adventure Game. Aspire 1 was a single player game and overall a bit of a letdown due to its launch bugs and mediocre mechanics implementation.

If we’re talking about adventure games, do not forget that among us vr is also waiting for you. I have reviewed the game for you where I’ve talked about everything related to the game.

Espire 2 on the other hand is a really exciting new take for starters. I love the fact that they went with a co-op campaign something we rarely get in VR. Additionally it allows you to control two separate robotic chassis, one specializing in running and gunning while the other is designed for stealth.

This leads to plenty of strategy and the need for a high level of communication between your partner. Well, you can absolutely still go in guns blazing but you’re just gonna make the game harder on yourself.

Instead you can sneak up on your enemies taser them or tracked out on the sleep and then hide the bodies besides your typical soldiers.

Espire 2: Obstacles

There’s plenty of other obstacles you’ll be facing such as automated turrets security cameras trip mines holographic decoy soldiers tactical units that get air dropped in and even some enemy robots.

I think there is less obstacles in VR boxing games where i just beat some drums and enjoy myself. Don’t forget to check out other VR games on oculus quest.

Espire 2: Where it gets interesting

Espire 2 not only feels more successful but also takes on a bit more of its own personality with an intriguing storyline excellent VR mechanics like the ability to climb any surface or issue commands to soldiers with your voice.

Finally it utilizes one major feature of VR which is adjusting the user perspective controlling the much smaller stealth-based robotic chassis makes the world around you seem significantly different.

The guns or enemies may appear gigantic or you might find some smaller paths that are only available to your specific chassis.

Overall, the game is shaping up to be an excellent combination of Storytelling in-game mechanics and co-op gameplay. if you’ve been looking for a meteor Co-op experience something that’s not just kill everything in sight and survive as long as possible then Aspire 2 should be on your wish list.

Espire 2: Gameplay

Here is a gameplay video from the developer of Espire 2. He’s showing how amazing the gameplay is.


So, wait for the game to launch and start playing from the day one. You won’t regret downloading this amazing game.

The pre order is still going on and thousands of players around the world is waiting eagerly to play.