How To Play Fortnite On Oculus Quest 2?

In some very short sentences, the official Fortnite can’t be downloaded on Oculus Quest 2 because Epic hasn’t launched this game on oculus or the steam store yet.

However, to play this game, you need:

  • Powerful Gaming PC
  • Air Link Cable
  • Epic Game Launcher App on PC

As we cant play the game on the quest 2, we will play the game on the PC and share the screen with the headset. This may result in slow connection but it’s mostly fine.

So, we can hope that the Fortnite official version will be available for playing very soon on meta quest 2. But for now, follow the steps below to play Fortnite by attaching an Air Link cable between your PC and Quest 2.

I have been following some of the subreddit to know the difficulty of playing this game and found out there is none except sometimes the Air Link Cable not detecting PC because of some setup error.

Step by Step Guide to play Fortnite on Oculus Quest 2

The trick to play Fortnite on the quest 2 is to launch the game and make a connection between PC and the Quest 2.

Lets get started:

  • Download Epic Games Launcher on PC
  • Launch the App and search for “Fortnite”
  • Download and launch Fortnite on the PC
  • Now, Connect your Headset by using Air Link Cable
  • “Allow access data” from the headset
  • Now, from the taskbar of your headset, select the Fortnite monitor
  • You’ll now be able to play Fortnite from your headset

This is how you can play the official Fortnite inside of your VR. You need a very high speed internet connection to be able to simultaneously share your screen with your Oculus Headset.

Is there any Fortnite alternative available on Quest Store?

Yes, there are two Fortnite alternative games that you can purchase and play in your Quest headset.

There is also a very popular murder mystery game on VR which I’ve been playing after i finish my fortnite match. You can also try the game to enjoy more time with your friends.

  • Population: One
  • Rec Room

If you want to enjoy Fortnite, you can also download Population: One or Rec Room from the oculus store as these two games are the best alternative to Fortnite.

How soon will Fortnite be available on Meta Quest 2?

Very Soon but no official announcement.

Meanwhile you can check out Cyberpunk 2077 mod to experience a real life experience of walking in an open world.

HYPEX, who is a reliable leaker Twitted that

“Epic added stuff related to Oculus (Quest, Quest 2 & Mobile) in today’s update. Most likely proper VR support in the future.”

Fortnite Season 4 Chapter 3 brings a huge surprise for a future Meta Quest 2 release, as their latest update V21.50 has targeted some support for VR headsets, especially for Meta Quest 2.

Wait for some moment to play the Official Fortnite from Epic games. Epic is trying to launch the game as soon as they confirm the best experience for VR gamers.

If you’re Netflix fan and watched the entire series of stranger thing, then you should also wait for its release in 2023. Tender claws and Netflix is working together to make it a reality.

Can you play Fortnite on VR PS4?

If you can play a game on your PS4, it is possible to play that exact game on PSVR.

Because, you can only connect PSVR headset with your PS4. The PSVR is only designed to work with PS4.

In case you have a PS5, wait for PSVR 2 to launch as you can’t connect any other headset with your PS5.