Install BMBF On Oculus Quest 2 To Enjoy Custom Songs & Sabers

Installing BMBF on quest 2 via PC from sidequest is the best way to use this mod for getting custom songs on the beat saber.

  • Downgrade beat saber (optional)
  • Connect meta quest 2 to your pc
  • Open sidequest > search for BMBF > install
  • Patch beat saber with BMBF, then install mods.

But is it legal?

Although Beat Saber says it violates the terms of service, gamers are still using this BMBF mod in 2022 without getting banned. Click this link to know more.

Note: According to our test the new updated v1.16.0 bmbf mod is compatible with the new version of beat saber (v1.25.1), so you don’t need to downgrade your game to use the mod anymore.

Also, here is the link to check the compatible mod to your beat saber game version.

Are there custom songs on beat saber?

On beat saber you can get custom songs in two ways. The first is by going to the Oculus store, where more than 140 music packs are listed.

But the only problem that lies here is that beat saber custom songs are not free. You need to spend between $10 to $12 to get 1 pack of custom songs.

You can follow a method to Install BMBF On Oculus Quest 2 To Enjoy Custom Songs.

Therefore, half of the users choose the second (sort of illegal) method, which is using BMBF beat saber mod.

How to install bmbf on oculus quest 2 using PC/Mac

Before jumping to the installation process first, you need to ensure that you have the latest beat saber available on your quest headset. Second, you must need to install sidequest on your pc/mac and let’s move on:

  • Connect your quest 2 to pc/mac
  • Open sidequest and search for “bmbf” and install it
  • Now disconnect the bridge between quest 2 and pc/mac
  • Turn on your headset, got to apps > select “unknown catagory” > click bmbf
  • Allow necessary permissions and start doing the setup
  • Then bmbf will ask you to reinstall the game for you, click Confirm
  • Finally, install the mods you want

Now wait a few seconds and enjoy the moded version of beat saber where you can upload custom songs and beautifully customized saber.

If you are using the latest version of beat saber, then there is so much possibility of not working every mods you want. So the last option you have is to downgrade your beat saber version. Follow this below to get know more about downloading the previous version of beat saber:

How to get custom songs on beat saber without bmbf

Without using the bmbf you can’t get free custom songs since there are no alternative mod or methods available online. There are only way to get music pack from oculus store without using bmbf which is legal and hassle free way but paid.

How to Get More New Songs on Beat Saber

If you have already setup the bmbf mod then look at the followings to get custom new songs you want on your beat saber anytime:

  • Go to BMBF page
  • Start Sync with Beat Saber by clicking the red button
  • Then go to the BMBF browser and select Beat Saber tab
  • There you will see search option where you can search for new song you want
  • Now click to download your desire songs and it will download auto in to beat saber games.

Custom songs not showing up in beat saber bmbf – What to do?

Though bmbf new updated version already solved the costom songs not showing up problem, still if are facing issues after updating your bmbf or beat saber then look at the followings:

  • Go to your beat saber folder
  • Remove the plugins
  • Reinstall the mod manager

Now you can possibly see the songs are back now and you may never gonna these types of issue again.