Oculus Quest 2 VR Headset LED Lights: Meaning & Causes

Meta Quest 2 is the most hyped VR headset on the market since 2021de – and it will be a hit again in 2023 also since the new version of its coming with a powerful gpu.

If you’re a new user then probably you’re seeing too many different lights on your VR headsets like solid green, white, blinking red, and more.

As a previous noob user, I can feel your pain, and now let’s go to find all of the solid answers to your question like “why is my Meta Quest 2 blinking red?”.

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Quest Headset

Solid White – Solid white color on your Meta Quest 2 indicates your headset is on. There’s no issue there, you can simply move on.

Blinking White – You will see this light only when you performing restart your quest 2 headset for a while. Also, it can appear while the headset turning on.

Blinking Purple – If you’re doing a factory reset then the purple light on your quest 2 showing and ensures you that the process is running smoothly.

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Headset while Plug-In

Solid Green – This green light will appear when your Meta Quest 2 headset is fully charged or in other words, the battery fully reached its 100% capacity after charging.

Solid Orange – when your playtime is over and you need to charge your little headset, that time you will see solid orange light while your headset is powering up.

Solid Red – The reason for showing solid red means your headset running out of power, please recharge it soon.

Flashing Red – If your quest 2 headsets battery is completely drained out, that time your headset may end up showing a flashing or blinking red light. Also, if not the case then an outdated version of VR could be the cause of the flashing red lights.

No Light /Blinking Orange – Showing no light in your headset doesn’t mean it’s not on, it’s a warning to the user that the headset is not charging.

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Solid White – How do gonna know that your controller is on to direct your headset? The answer is, your Meta Quest controller will be lighting solid while.

Blinking White – According to me, this is the most important indicator of a controller as it shows up how both controllers are pairing each other or in other words, they are in pairing mode.

Overall Opinion

This is my tested personal opinion, and here every piece of information is correct. As we gathered this information from Meta’s official website, then tested ourselves and after that, we shared this with you. Now, it’s time to share it with your friends who are in the same trouble as you.

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