Reasons why You Should Try Meta Warranty Plus: Accidental Damage Coverage Program

What you need to Know: Meta offers a warranty plus program for its Quest 2 and Quest Pro headsets. It costs $60 for a new Quest 2 and $160 for a Quest Pro.

Limited Warranty VS. Meta Warranty Plus: The benefit

CoverageLimited Warranty (included)Meta Warranty Plus
New and refurbished devicesYesYes
In-box accessoriesYesYes
2-year coverage1 year of limited coverageYes
Manufacturer defectsYesYes
Accidental damage from handling, including eligible liquid spillsNoYes

The Meta Warranty Plus Program is like insurance for your Meta Headset.

“Life happens. Protect your headset and in-box accessories against accidental drops, spills and more,” Meta says.

If you’re still curious to know more about the program, here’s a simple explanation of how it works and what essential points it covers.

This program is like Apple’s AppleCare+ program which promised to help cover the repair of damaged iPhones, iPads, and other devices.

Also, Apple’s program has an option for theft and loss of its devices and you need to pay some service fees while claiming.

Although Meta’s Warranty Plus program does not require service fees, Apple’s does.

Meta is and continues to be committed to bringing its Quest line of headsets up to par with existing personal computing devices, and the Warranty Plus program is the latest example of that commitment.

What is the Coverage Term?

This Plan begins on the Product Purchase Date and expires on the Expiration Date unless terminated, cancelled, or fulfilled earlier.

Please note that the Product Purchase Date will be earlier than the Plan Purchase Date if you did not purchase this Plan simultaneously with the Covered Product, and the Plan shall take effect as of that date. It is clear that no claims can be made for the period preceding the Plan Purchase Date where this Plan was not purchased simultaneously with the Covered Product.

The Covered Product will be covered until the applicable services have been completed when this Plan expires on the Expiration Date.

How To File a Claim?

  • All Covered Products must be provided with their model, serial number, and original delivery date in order to submit a service request.
  • They may deny any claims or decline to reimburse You if you fail to follow this Plan’s claims procedures or to obtain the Administrator’s approval before replacing an item.
  • You must report all claims before the Expiration Date in order to be eligible for coverage.
  • For questions, troubleshooting, or to request a callback, please visit the Administrator’s website at or call 888-816-8460. You will receive instructions on how to file a claim from the Administrator.

How to Cancel The Warranty Plus Program?

  • You may cancel this Plan at any time by contacting the Administrator online at
  • The full Plan Price will be refunded if You cancel this Plan within thirty (30) days of the Plan Purchase Date without making any claims.
  • The Plan Price will be refunded pro-rata based on the elapsed Term if you cancel it within thirty (30) days after making a claim or after thirty (30) days after the Plan Purchase Date if you cancel this Plan. The plan price less the cost of any services or claims made will be refunded at least pro-rata.
  • The Company reserves the right to terminate this Plan upon 30 days written notice. If we cancel this Plan, a pro rata refund of the Plan Price will be issued for the unexpired Term, less the costs of any claims. The cancellation notice will include the reason and the effective date.
  • In the event that this Plan was inadvertently sold to You on a product that wasn’t intended to be covered by it, Meta may cancel this Plan immediately and refund the full Plan Price.
  • Meta may cancel this Plan immediately, without prior notice, if there is reasonable suspicion of fraud, material misrepresentation, or a substantial breach of your duties under this Plan, and we may demand you pay immediately all services provided to you, less your payments, and you will not receive a refund.
  • The Plan may be cancelled immediately and without prior notice upon non-payment by You, and a pro-rated refund of the Plan Price will be issued less the costs of services or claims.

Should you get this?

If you’ve bought a VR before and you’re pretty sure that you won’t travel with the headset then there’s no chance of breaking it while keeping it with you.

If you are not into hardcore gaming and you know how to use a VR headset with care, then you don’t need to buy this program.

But if you’re new and just got into VR gaming and all that stuff, you definitely should consider buying this Warranty Plus Program.