12 Most Popular Meta Quest 2 Single-Player Games

There’s no better time than now to give Meta Quest 2’s single-player Games a try, with their fantastical virtual worlds where physics don’t apply and anything is possible. The upgraded Meta Quest 2 has a faster processor (Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2) and greater memory (6GB). That’s still respectable for a mobile device,

Meta Quest 2 Single-Player Games

Zenith: The Last City

Do you think you would have fun playing a virtual reality massively multiplayer online role-playing game that takes inspiration from anime? Zenith: The Last City is a game you should attempt if this sounds like you.

The globe of Zenith serves as the backdrop for this Quest 2 game, and it is overflowing with beautiful scenery and tranquil settlements. The game has a tonne of fantastic elements, such as an engaging character advancement system, hard dungeons, a plethora of co-op events, a complex story, and outstanding fighting systems.

The game also has great multiplayer features, with servers that can handle a large number of online players.

Until You Fall

When playing Until You Fall, you’ll enter randomly generated dungeons filled with dangerous foes. All aspects of a run, from its starting conditions to its end, are completely at random.

In addition, the addictive synth-wave soundtrack and sleek visuals make each run that much more enjoyable, turning hacking and slashing into a genuine pleasure.

Until You Fall is a great virtual reality (VR) arcade game because it presents a fresh challenge with each new round.

The Climb 2

The Climb 2 Scale towering towers and discover breathtaking landscapes in the definitive virtual reality rock-climbing game. The Climb 2 improves upon its predecessor in many ways, including its iconic level designs, stressful surroundings, and dizzying new heights. The Climb 2 manages to be relaxing and peaceful despite the abundant space between the scaffolding and the ropes you must traverse.

The Climb 2 is a captivating virtual reality experience that accomplishes its stated goal of providing players with an unequalled sense of success as they strive to reach the top of each level. If you’re looking for something more challenging to do on your next climb, you might want to try competing with ghost avatars.


Resist is a lore-heavy action RPG with a fresh take on the genre, and it’s available exclusively on Meta. You take on the role of Sam Finch in this Concord-based adventure. Resist is one of the most developed and enjoyable movement mechanics we’ve seen in an action role-playing game by making excellent use of Meta Quest 2’s motion controls.

For the most dedicated players, we’ve included a variety of modes, secret achievements, and increased levels of challenge. Resist is well worth your time with to its extensive skill trees, a plethora of optional side quests, and gripping main story campaign.


The virtual reality (VR) game Onward is a military simulation that places players in the role of a soldier. The game shares many similarities with the popular first-person shooter series, such as its 5-on-5 match structure, but it sets itself apart with several unique features developed with virtual reality in mind.

Your duties in battle will include everything from loading your weapon with ammo in real time to employing historically accurate firearms. The lack of mini maps and radars only serves to heighten the sense of impending doom around every corner.

One of the best features of Onward is undoubtedly the community-created wealth of custom-modded maps and servers for all three game modes (PVE, PVP, and co-op). When you add in the creators’ undying passion for the game, you have the makings of a great launchpad.

Journey of the Gods

One of Meta’s best games, this is a must-play if you enjoy action RPGs where your character develops in strength and skill over time. In Journey of the Gods, you embark on a magical adventure to prevent villainous figures from destroying your land.

You’ll be able to engage in thrilling ranged and melee combat as you use the power of the gods to vanquish any of your enemies.

Additionally, the world is a wonderful place to travel. A beautiful and visually pleasing art style brings the world to life, immersing the viewer completely. More nuanced interactions between characters would make the game on par with the best role-playing games on the system.


The Offspring, Weezer, and Ozzy Osbourne are just a few of the prominent rock bands whose music you may play acoustically with your hands in Unplugged. Learn the ropes from the legendary frontman of the band Steel Panther, Satchel.

Fans of Guitar Hero will feel right at home with this title. You get the rush that you’d feel if you were playing guitar in front of a crowd of thousands. Air guitar is an altogether different experience.

Take control of your digital guitar, choose a tune, learn the chords, play in time, and impress the crowd! Unlock music, stages, and instruments as you climb the ranks to rock superstar and take on the world’s top air guitarists.

Blade & Sorcery: Nomad 

Blade & Sorcery: Nomad is a fun virtual reality (VR) experience with a sandbox arena mode and a survival mode where you can experiment with new ways to dish out agony to your adversaries using the game’s broad and often absurd fighting system, which makes full use of the physics engine.

Fun weapons, ranging from swords and hatchets to mystical sceptres, are yours to use and equip. You can exploit the environment to your advantage by throwing adversaries into walls or setting up environmental traps.

The game has a sense of humour that is both unexpected and hilarious. The game’s gratuitous violence set against the expressionless faces of your foes? A plus in my book.

Micropolitan Areas

Playing Little Cities might help you unwind and stimulate your imagination. Join the most popular virtual reality (VR) city-building simulation game, Little Cities, and immerse yourself in its fascinating environment. Build your microcity and see it grow from a sleepy hamlet to a thriving metropolis. Create a city that people will love to live in by planning its layout and amenity placement carefully.

Place diverse attractions around your city to make it more appealing to visitors. Build your miniature metropolises however you like with the help of Meta Touch controllers or go old school and use Hand Tracking.

Avalanches, new attractions, structures, utilities, and more are all up for grabs on the two islands added by the Snowy Islands DLC pack.

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted

Do you long for the day when terrifying killer animatronics were the height of fashion? By the way, you are in for a wonderful surprise.

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted brings the basic FNAF games into a horrifying virtual reality setting with its terrifying horrors and new game styles. Animatronics malfunctions, claustrophobic ventilation systems, earning toys and plushies, and facing your biggest fears are all part of the FNAF VR experience.

The Excitement of Battle

The Thrill of the Fight is a virtual reality boxing game that delivers an unprecedented level of immersion.

In this game, you’ll face off against a variety of foes in progressively challenging bouts. To win the coveted title of “King of the Ring,” competitors must use their full bodies to weave, duck, and punch their opponents. What sets this game apart is that professional boxers really utilise it as a training tool in preparation for actual bouts. The Thrill of the Fight is a challenging workout that will leave you feeling like a badass.


Demeo is a game that changes the face of the tabletop genre by incorporating innovative VR mechanics. Assemble a party of up to four players and use a mix of strategy, instinct, bluff, and cunning to defeat the powers of darkness.

The line between virtual reality and real life becomes hazy in Meta Quest 2. You get the evening’s spellcasting, dice rolling, or miniature manoeuvring off to a roaring start.

The finest part, though, is that you may share your experiences with other players in Heroes’ Hangout. And with cross-platform compatibility and a touch of magic, you’ll forget you ever left!