Insight Into Playing Offline Games on Oculus Quest 2

These days, it’s impossible to go somewhere without being able to access the internet. However, there are situations in which you won’t be able to enjoy the benefits of a steady stream of online data. For those who are interested in virtual reality, this may create some doubts. Is it possible to use Oculus Quest 2 without access to the internet? Yes, you can use your Oculus Quest 2 without an internet connection to play games. Assuming you have already downloaded content for offline use, such as a game or movie, you can proceed with the initial setup of the headset.

Do you get that? Facebook (Meta) is betting the farm on augmented and virtual reality. Invest in a Quest 2 headset and explore the exciting world of tomorrow’s media.

The first setup of your Oculus Quest 2 requires both a mobile device and an online connection.

When you first get your hands on the stunning Oculus Quest 2 VR headset, you won’t be able to immediately put it on and enter the virtual reality paradise. To begin using the headset, you must first finish the initial setup.

Having a mobile phone that can connect to the internet is essential for the initial setup. That’s because using the headset necessitates downloading the Oculus mobile app and signing in with your Facebook account.

Rogue Gunmen

There aren’t many free-to-play shooters that also offer multiplayer action, but Gun Raiders has you jetpacking through the air, climbing from wall to wall, and taking out the opposition in a variety of ways. Avatar skin-related microtransactions are the equivalent of those in larger games, although there is no pay-to-win in this case.

Schiller’s Games

Have you ever wished that Quest supported Counter-Strike? Pavlov Shack provides a very similar experience, whether you choose to play in deathmatch or co-op. It has all the realistic shooting and a lot of the enjoyment of the expensive PC VR title, but there is still an open beta available for free on Quest.

Ops in Space

This 4v4 arena-scale shooter has just entered open beta, but you may not have the room or the friends who own a Quest 2 (or Quest Pro) to try it out. Regardless, it’s a fantastic time and, essentially, the best laser tag you’ve ever played. Since this one disables Quest’s guardian system, you’ll need SideQuest to download it, but it’s well worth the hassle if you already have the rest of the requirements met.

This simple game of tag has taken the world by storm, first on SideQuest and then on App Lab, and it has now made it to the official store. You’ll be able to saunter around the arena like a great ape thanks to its innovative grab-the-world movement system. Either go after the other apes and infect them, or hide in a tree because the infected will soon be after you. Simple and direct. Stay away from any potential punching targets, such as televisions, furniture, infants, and dogs, on your desperate race to low-poly bliss.

VR PokerStars

There’s no actual money involved, but PokerStars VR does offer a full complement of casino-style table games and slot machines that are sure to stimulate your reward circuitry. Nothing is at stake other than your time, and even then only if you choose to spend real money on the game’s virtual currency, which has no redeemable value outside of the virtual world.

Basketball in PE Class

If you want to dunk and shoot baskets like you can’t in real life, then Gym Class – Basketball is what you need. Because of its physics engine and emphasis on full-body kinematics, the game’s online multiplayer mode seems remarkably authentic.

Legendary Dungeon: The Beta

This courageous roguelite dungeon crawler is still (still!) in beta, but it has quickly become a fan favorite in the App Lab. You’ve entered a massive dungeon filled with enemies begging for your sword, knives, and arrows. You’ll have to traverse dangerous terrain, avoid deadly traps, and uncover buried treasures. Before the formal debut on Quest, smash as many containers as possible.


Here’s your chance to shine, aspiring wizards. Learn the ropes as an apprentice wizard as you investigate a magical lab. As one of the games that supports Quest’s hand tracking natively, you may lay down the controls and start dabbling in some black arts in the lab, which is full of gadgets and mystical items to muck around with.

Astral Planes

Horizon Worlds is still in its infancy, but recent initiatives have added more features and user-generated content to the site, rounding it out and making it more competitive with Rec Room and VRChat. Although you might drop in to check out the current status of Meta’s first-party VR social platform and then leave again, the ‘free’ price tag might entice you to stick around and see if you can discover a group or community with which you click—the whole point of social VR.

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