Meta Quest Pro VS Meta Quest 3: Should you wait or move?

The CEO of Meta Mark Zuckerberg revealed that after Meta Quest Pro, they will officially launch the Meta Quest 3.

The Meta Quest 3 as far as we know will be coming out in the year of 2023. As far as the rumour, the Meta Quest 3 will be a lot cheaper than the Meta Quest Pro and it may cost you around $500 for the highest variant.


  • Quest 3 will run on Qualcomm XR2 2nd Generation Processor
  • There will be two Canyon cameras on the sides
  • Quest 3 will not have any Face/IR tracking
  • You may see Pancake Lenses
  • The quest pro charging doc will be compatible with quest 3

Meta Quest Pro is the most advanced VR headset in the market right now, primarily this headset is way better than the Quest 3 and Quest 2 combined.

We can expect quest 3 to share the same body as quest 2 and slightly better features than it.

Now let’s discuss the difference between the Meta Quest Pro and Meta Quest 3.

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PlayStation VR2 (PSVR2)

Meta Quest 2 128GB 256GB

Meta Quest Pro VS Meta Quest 3: Design

The Quest 3 is specially designed for lower-end consumers with a very similar design to Quest Pro.

Meta loves to call it “truly a love child of quest Pro and Quest 2” as it is a consumer mixed reality device. We will see a softer strap and the battery might be at the front just like quest 2.

You can still add any accessories with your quest 3 just like you did with your quest 2 if you feel like you are comfortable using the built-in one.

Quest Pro features a premium design with world-class technology fitted into it.

The battery pack is seen around the back and for making the 700g device comfortable around your head, they attached two semi-spherical cushions.

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Meta Quest Pro VS Meta Quest 3: Connectivity

So, on the right side of quest 3, there will be a headphone jack and on the left side, there will be a USB-C port.

The USB-C port and the headphone jack are perfectly fitted within the headband, so you will probably have to change out some of those old straps when it comes out.

Just like every other headset, the quest pro has one USB-C port and a Headphone jack. But quest 3 has done a really good job fitting them in a perfect place.

Meta Quest Pro VS Meta Quest 3: Camera

Just like the quest pro, there will be two Canyon cameras on the sides and a depth sensor on the front.

This time they are focused on Mixed reality and that is why they have developed “the four-camera array” that has two cameras per pill, a def projector, and a depth sensor in the middle.

In quest pro, we’ve already seen a colour pass-through camera that is equipped with a resolution of 1800 × 1920 (3.5MP) per eye.

Meta Quest Pro VS Meta Quest 3: Real Sense Technology

Oculus is currently using Real Sense technology in the Quest 3 and there has been proof in firmware earlier on that referred to the Intel Real Sense Death Camera and Death Recording and Def Mapping software.

Everything single tech in Quest Pro is new and optimized to make your gaming experience the best possible.

Meta Quest Pro VS Meta Quest 3: Face/Eye Tracking

The Quest 3 device is not going to include IR face tracking because it’s too expensive to include five cameras for eye and face tracking and three cameras for actual face tracking.

Quest pro has both Eye and face tracking, so smooth that even the trackers can catch the eyebrows moving.

Meta Quest Pro VS Meta Quest 3: Lenses

Meta has a Big focus on AR and VR and we may see Pancake lenses for better weight distribution.

Quest pro has already implemented the pancake lens design and the results are amazing.

Meta Quest Pro VS Meta Quest 3: Charging

Interestingly the Quest 3 will probably be compatible with the Quest Pro’s charging dock, and because they’re doing a lot of work on making the Quest Pro controllers work with Quest 3, that’s just speculation.

The reason we’re saying this is because there is 3 contact on top of the Quest 3 and the same we can see in the Quest pro, so that’s very easy to guess that the charging dock of quest pro will fit the quest 3.

Quest pro will last two hours with a 100% battery and can take up to 2 hours to fully charge.

Meta Quest Pro VS Meta Quest 3: Processor

The Quest 3 will have a Qualcomm XR2 2nd Generation chip with a 512 GB SSD and 12 gigabytes of RAM.

With this much processing power, the camera bandwidth can now access the Pro HMDs.

Quest Pro is using meta’s newly unveiled Snapdragon XR2+, a processor that’s slightly better than Quest 2 but with better cooling, and capable of delivering 50% more performance. 

Meta Quest Pro VS Meta Quest 3: Air Link

The air link Dock and dongle of Quest 3 are Meta’s first glimpse into jumping into Cloud VR. All these complicated technologies will allow the user to experience higher-tier content on a lower-powered Standalone device without requiring an expensive PC.

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Should I wait for Oculus Quest 3 or buy Oculus Quest 2?

Ultimately, it is up to you to decide whether or not to wait for Quest 3, but we recommend securing Quest 2 at the moment. This is mainly due to the length of time you will have to wait in comparison to the improvements you will receive.

We are all aware that before quest 3 the next big thing is coming on February 2023 which is PSVR2.

So, what should you do? Buy a PlayStation VR or wait for Meta quest 3? Here are some tips to help you make a wise decision:

PSVR 2 vs Meta Quest 3: Battle Between Your Own Choice


Meta Quest Pro is clearly a better headset than the Oculus Quest 3, but it is still not confirmed if the battery life is gonna perform better or not.

We noticed that the Quest Pro’s design is more open, VR experiences may not feel as enjoyable as they would on a more standard headset.

The Quest 3 will likely be a favourite option for people on a budget, as well as those who aren’t bothered by mixed reality and just wants to play games.

Meta’s new processor is expected to perform better but still, I can say that the Pro has got everything that a VR would ever need.