Apple Vision Pro Mixed Reality Headset: Release Date, Price, Specs (Available Early 2024 At $3,499)

Do you want to know about vision pro and the gossip relatable to it? So read the post, as I have covered every single detail about apple vision pro.

If you are excited about the Apple vision pro 3 release date, price, and many more, then you are in the right spot. Apple vision pro will be released next year around early 2024. 

However, do you know the price is worth $3,499? Apple already wins our hearts through the new versions of tech and mobile phones, but now it unveils the biggest blockbuster known as Apple Vision Pro.   

Everything fictional which was impossible to believe is becoming true as Apple Vision Pro features the world’s first-ever spatial system. The digital content feels physically present in the space due to the twenty-three million pixels creating an ultra-high-resolution display.

And it can be controlled through eye-tracking and voice, including the clear crystal audio quality that blows your mind. Scroll down to learn more about new features and how you can enjoy this new Apple headset. 

Before Starting Let’s Have a Quick Review of New Apple Vision Pro

The glass is engineered with 3D to accomplish a smooth, polished appearance, and due to being manufactured from aluminium alloy material, it is sturdy and feather-light. Making it comfortable to wear on your face with an adjustable strap to fit your family and friends. 

However, this is a mixed-reality powerful headset with a sleek design with a sharp micro-OLED display. This chip is built to make eye teaching, hand movement and voice input easier with immersive multitasking, video watching, Facetime calls and hundreds of games. 

Although there are multiple factors that I have collected through Apple vision pro leaks, let’s have a look!

Why it is Best

  • Powerful R1 and M2 chips
  • Smooth and sleek pattern
  • Customize according to face
  • Display inbuilt Sharp micro-OLED  
  • Process real-time sensing for twelve cameras, six microphones and five sensors. 


  • Short battery life
  • External battery packet
  • Extreme expensive
  • EyeSight for present people seems creepy

Hand Movement Recognition

Everything is at your fingertips, and it’s true because apple vision pro ensures it as it has a core feature to read hand movement. You can use your thumb and index finger to move applications, expand apps or files and even scroll through them effortlessly. 

Vision Pro acknowledges hand movement in a wide range of views for better and more comfortable interactions with apps. It recognizes the hand gesture even when they are out of the frame. 

Also, this feature plays a huge role in the headset operating spatially naturally. This means no need for additional equipment like controllers to direct the headset. All you need is your hands and eyes for interaction with applications.

Human Interaction

Connected to the world but disconnected from the present space is an important issue resolved by the apple vision pro headset. Now people around you stay connected while pulling off other vital tasks. 

Apple quotes, “Apple vision pro blends the physical world seamlessly with the virtual one without disconnecting from the people around you. 

The device has advanced technology that can detect humans, and the video highlights show when someone is around you. It will focus on that human while the content is displayed. 

Display quality

Discovering Device

Discovering other devices around you to transfer data efficiently is an interesting point which attracts most business owners. As it saves space and you can move between the devices without interruption or disturbing workflow. 

The application demonstrates how the vision pro recognizes the Macbook around you. And how easy it is to transfer the content from other devices to the headset. Apple hosted a launch at WWDC to announce that they have achieved the greatest tech to combine software and hardware on 5th June 2023. 

However, another news announced through Apple Vision Pro that this would be the Apple ecosystem headset spatial computing. It will vertically integrate software and hardware platforms which seemed impossible to accomplish, but in 2024, Apply Vision Pro will bring AR and MR spatial computing. 

Apple had marked the market with huge expectations as a new paradigm of computing, which was never seen before advanced technology was combined with revolutionary software capabilities.  

Apple Vision Pro, visionOS, and Computer Vision

We get the relatable news about the Apple Vision Pro as the developers work to make it a more advanced headset. Before asking when is Apple vision pro coming out, you must know why you must purchase this computing device. 

Below, I have mentioned some keynotes about what facilities this computer vision headset brings into your life. 

Incredible New Experience

VisionOS seamlessly blends the physical world with the digital one while giving access to connect with others. Apple Vision Pro will impress you with its outstanding full three dimension display control by hand gesturing, eye tracking, and voice.

It can fit in the space and leave room for moveability in a congested office or workplace. It casts shadows and reacts to lights for a better realistic appearance. Apple Vision Pro brings you a new experience with excellent dimensions and powerful personal computing so you can interact with your favorite applications. 

It features a 3 dimension interface that can be used at home or office without any restrictions on appearance. It means you can enjoy your apps at any scale. Also, it opens the gate of productivity with multitasking by infinite screen real estate and access to different working apps.

Connect your Magic Trackpad and Magic Keyboard wirelessly to create an amazing workspace, bringing Mac’s powerful capabilities into Vision Pro and leading to developing private, enormous, portable 4K displays and impressively crisp text definitions.  

Transforming into Entertainment Space

For an exceptional entertainment experience, Apple Vision Pro has a hundred feet board screen. And a ten feet wide connection to transform any space into a personal movie theater. The two ultra-high-resolution displays and Spatial Audio systems can turn any room into a theater within seconds. 

But you need a subscription to the Apple TV+ or Apple Original TV to enjoy television shows, movies, or even 3D movies. Apple will impress you with 180-degree high-resolution, which transfers you into another world of experience. 

In addition, it evaluates your gaming experience with titles that can span an expanse of immersion, offering all new gaming experiences. You can play approximately a hundred Apple Arcade games on a wide screen without limitations. Including, it supports incredible audio and connects with other popular gaming controllers easily. 

Immerse Environments

It will not just expand your expectations, but it can extend the world around you! Headsets can create an illusion that saves space and open space by eliminating the clutter of the environment or busty space in the office. In short, you can experience a dynamic landscape without any hassle while sitting in your office or room. 

Relive Memories

It’s great to capture the special moments in your life, like weddings, birthdays, adventures, and many more, but how about reliving those moments? Apple Vision Pro headset transports you to relieve those moments because of the spatial photos and video feature. 

Panorama photos captured through the iPhone allow you to enjoy those memories as they wrap and expand, creating a sensation as they are present. Plus, it can play Spatial audio of the recorded videos, and you can access the whole photos library on iCloud with every detail and vibrant colors.  

Spatial FaceTime

The Spatial feature makes connecting and collaborating with Apple Vision Pro easier with FaceTime calls. The video and sound quality are excellent and provide a life-size experience as they are present at the moment. 

While wearing a head crown, your persona will be reflected on the other side due to advanced technology. It helps you and your partner to watch, browse or even work on a project in different locations and it will detect and reflect face and hand movements in real-time. 

Work on Multiple Applications 

VisionOS offers you a platform to enjoy hundreds and thousands of apps from iPhone or iPad on a larger life scale. Apple Vision Pro headsets have a new input system that connects with a brand-new App Store where you discover applications and content. 

Your business can work on creating powerful and amazing opportunities from Vision Pro to crack new opportunities. As it has new applications which recreate the Spatial computing system.

Revolutionary Operating System and User Interface

As I have repeatedly mentioned, Apple Vision Pro is a revolutionary three-dimensional interface you can control with hands, eyes, and voice. Vision operating system ensures you experience digital content to look and feel like it’s real and you are part of it.  

The headset customizes and adjusts automatically to respond to natural light and cast shadows so you can acknowledge the distance and scale accordingly. 

You simply focus on the app or tap your fingers to select the specific app, and it will appear on the front. What about scrolling or other commands? Then, no worries. You can flick your wrist to scroll and dictate through your voice.

In fact, if another person approaches you while wearing Vision Pro, the device will detect the human presence. Apple vision pro specs get transparent, so you can see them while they can watch your eyes too. 

Overall Design

Apple Vision Pro has jaw-dropping features manufactured from high-quality material and technology in a compact and sleek design. The single laminated glass piece has three dimensions to create platforms through lens cameras and sensors that blend the digital and physical worlds. 

To curve gently around according to your face Apple Vision Pro is manufactured from a custom aluminum alloy frame. It has two displays per postage stamp, a dynamic range, and is available in various colors. However, the modular system gives proper access to wear comfortably. 

Also, M2 provides unparalleled standalone performance. On the other hand, the brand-new and unique R1 chip processes through twelve cameras, six microphones, and five sensors.

The Apple silicone dual-ship design ensures your content feels real. Within twelve milliseconds R1 chip shows images eight times faster than the blink of an eye. 

But what about if you wear specs for clear focus? Apple has custom catadioptric combined technology lenses for incredible clarity and sharpness. So, you need to connect with ZEISS Optical for eye-tracking accuracy and visual fidelity.  

  • Light Seal: The soft textile creates a Light seal that comes in various shapes and sizes so you or others can wear the same device. And it blocks stray light to protect from distraction.
  • Head Band: Perfect cushion with breathability and stretchable material is used to make the headband, and Fit Dial allows adjustments according to your head. 
  • Glass Quality: The glass flows into the custom aluminum alloy frame that gently curves around your face, while the modular system allows for a tailored fit to accommodate a wide range of people. 
  • Battery Power:  You can use it all day if the device is plugged in. Although the drawback of this device is that only a maximum of two hours can be utilized of the external battery,
  • Sound Quality: For rich and crisp Spatial Audio, speakers are positioned close to your ears while keeping you aware of the present space. In addition, the flexible straps ensure that the audio remains to you without leaking any information. The Advanced Spatial Audio system creates an atmosphere around you to match the space sound. The headset has two independent amplifier drivers on each audio pod that fits according to the ear.  
  • Eyesight: Apple Vision Pro specs reveal your eyes in both conditions when you are fully engaged and while using apps. 
  • Display Performance: Two displays and custom silicon with a dual-chip design stream images on display within twelve milliseconds. 

Privacy and Security

Apple ensures to secure your data from any scam or hacker due to its strong foundation and policies. Moreover, Apple Vision Pro has developed a new Optic ID security authentication system to analyze your iris while using or wearing the headset.

It has multiple invisible LED light exposure, which compares it with Optic ID data, a secure Enclave. Your Optic ID data is completely encrypted, which is not accessible to applications and is not being stored on Apple servers. 

This system only helps in instant unlocking Apple Vision Pro. While you are capturing spatial video or image, eyesight ensures that you are working by visually indicating that other people around you acknowledge that you are working. 

However, the best part is processing the camera and other sensor features. It creates better and more peaceful surroundings that are a private space experience using individual apps. 


Excited about Vision Pro mixed reality? The conference handle on Monday, June 5, 2023, confirms “Apple Vision pro-pre-orders from the website,” but you need to wait until it’s released, so you need to stay and enjoy more spice information.

The introduction of Apple’s new product was jaw-dropping, and it will be available in early 2024 in the United States. But, the problem is not the release date but the cost, which is approximately $3,499. 

Even after releasing the price value, Apple has to go through some criticism as it is way too expensive. Circulating memes on Twitter as Apple fan disappointment rises due to the cost. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics data survey, Apple Vision Pro costs exceed the average American three weeks’ pay. 

Comparing the rivalry companies Apple vision pro vs. Quest 3, depending on the price range. Meta Quest 3 will be available only at $499, whereas Sony PlayStation VR 2 is around $550. That’s why it’s mandatory that Apple must justify the worth of Vision Pro through its performance and facilities. 


You can assemble Apple vision pro within minutes because the setup process is easy. Overall, the device is great in terms of Spatial computing technology and sleek designs. Most people are upset because of the pricing, but the table might turn as Apple is working on the headset software and light shrouds. 

Apple is one of the high-end brands, but Apple Vision Pro is the highest one in terms of price. So, I’m eager to know how developers and Apple will justify the cost of this gadget and how many facilities make people want to buy it. 

Therefore, if you are impressed with Apple Vision Pro, let me know what you think about the price, hardware, and overall design in the comment section.