How to Hold Oculus Quest 2 Controllers?

If you’re new to Oculus Quest 2, you might wonder how to hold the controller correctly due to its unique ring shape. Although it may seem confusing, it is not.

Place your index finger over the trigger button while your middle finger rests on the grip button, and your thumb should be placed on the upper side of the controller so that you can press three buttons (A/X, B/Y, Menu) and the thumbstick. In order to hold the controller tightly, you need to use your ring and pinky fingers.

You must hold the controller properly for a better VR experience. From what I understand, the Oculus Quest 2 controllers are easy to hold. To operate the five buttons and thumbstick on the controller, use your thumb, middle, and index fingers.

I had to learn how to hold it because i was very interested to fly DJI drones using the controller of quest 2.

Using hand or knuckle straps on your controller will help you hold it more securely and avoid dropping it. But to increase efficiency in the game you must know different holding methods.

Types of Oculus Quest 2 Controller Grips

Different grips allows you to swing and move your controller faster so that you can score better in any game. Adapt your grip to your comfort level.

There are 4 Different Grips that are very popular:

  • Reverse Default Grip
  • Claw Grip
  • Reverse Claw Grip
  • M-Grip

Reverse Default Grip

Face the controller’s trigger in your direction and wrap all your fingers around the controllers handle.

Claw Grip

Insert your index finger and middle finger into the controller’s ring and wrap your other three fingers around it.

Reverse Claw Grip

Wrap the controller with your thumb, pinky, and ring finger, hold the ring of the controller over the trigger with your index and middle fingers.


Grasp around the controller handle and hold the thumbstick with your index finger like a hook.

These different holding styles can be used in plethora of games like Beat Saber, Different boxing and sword games.

Does the controller grip cover provide a secure grip?

Yes, controller grip allows your hands to be relaxed during a VR experience. It prevents the controller from slipping out of your hands by accident while you are playing games and protects the touch controllers from scratching and soiling. Which ensures a safe and secure grip.

How to turn Oculus Quest 2 wrist strap into a free knuckle strap?

If you don’t want to invest money in a knuckle strap you can turn your Oculus Quest 2 wrist strap into a knuckle strap.

Simply follow the instructions below.

  • Take the battery compartment off the controller.
  • To remove the controller strap, simply pull the tab right below the battery.
  • Now pull the slide on the strap near the attachment end.
  • Take the end of the loop and pass it down from the center of the ring and create a loop.
  • Bring the slider all the way up and connect the attachment end to its slot.
  • Place the battery component in its appropriate slot.


Oculus Quest Controller has its own distinctive shape, so beginners may find it difficult to grasp the device. But what matters most is the ease of use, the controller can be held however you like, there is no set way to hold it, it’s all about getting a good experience.