Oculus Quest stuck on ‘Software update required’ screen Fixed

The problem of Oculus Quest being stuck on the ‘Software update required’ screen is not likely to be fixed by Meta. Users are still facing problems and not being able to access their apps as they got stuck on the ‘Software update required’ screen.

A software update on oculus quest take approximately 1 hour depending on the size and type. If your headset is not updating automatically, there’s a way you can try manually updating it.

6 possible reason of software update is stuck

  • The app has a bug & outdated
  • Software update file has an issue
  • Not enough charged
  • Slower internet issue
  • Headset setup is incomplete
  • Not enough space

Firmware updates often require fast WiFi connection to be downloaded into your device. Some people reported that their Oculus Quest 2 software update is stuck on downloading. The solution to these problems is the same as they are all related to updating the device.

The crash is caused by several system error like overusing, using the headset with full storage, charging the headset while using and lastly malware and virus attacks.

How to fix Oculus ‘Software update required’ screen stuck?

Be sure to update your Meta Quest app to the latest 181.1 versions. Sometimes the headset requires the Meta Quest app to be upgraded to the latest

  • Open the Meta Quest app on your device.
  • Wait for the update to automatically apply.
  • Close the Meta Quest app.
  • Factory reset your headset.
  • Try to pair your controllers and headset as new.
  • Now go for updating.

How to Turn on Automatic Updates for Meta Quest and Quest 2

Not everyone like to update their headset manually, the meta app has a setting for users to let them update their headset automatically. Turning on the auto update will trigger the download right after the update is available.

  1. Open the Meta Quest app on your phone, and tap Settings.
  2.  Select the headset that you want to update.
  3.  Tap More Settings.
  4.  Tap Advanced Settings.
  5.  Select Update Software Automatically.