How to Play COD Zombies On Oculus Quest 2? (Without PC)

Playing COD Zombies on oculus quest 2 is one of the best experience a gamer can have. If you’re about to install the game right now, in my opinion, you should try the Mob of the Dead map as it is the best COD Zombies map ever created.

Before we move on:

  • You need Pavlov VR Game and Pavlov Shack Beta on your Oculus Quest 2.
  • Make sure you’re not in RC Update.
  • Open the Pavlov VR, Click on Online, and go to Filter.
  • Turn off the lobby, Asia Pacific and Europe.

These settings are needed for now to continue the game-playing process.

For enjoying the best experience, you need modded maps in Pavlov that requires a gaming pc but I will also explain how to play lay without any PC.

How to start playing COD: Zombies On VR (Step By Step)

  • Open Steam and go to Pavlov
  • To select the map, click on Workshop>Zombie Coop
  • Subscribe to any map
  • After downloading, open Pavlov and select Offline
  • Select Hunt to choose from your favourite maps
  • That’s it start the game and keep playing

How to get custom maps on Call Of Duty: Zombie

You can search by custom on filters and you’ll find more than 2 or 3 COD maps. But to play the game with a good in-game experience I suggest these 5 most famous modded maps for you.

How to play call of duty zombie on Oculus quest 2 (Step by Step)

  • Open up Pavlov Shack on your Quest 2
  • Go to Play Online and Join any Community Maps.
  • You’ll see a map is now downloading.
  • For better understanding, follow the instructions shown in this video

How to play multiplayer Zombies on Pavlov Shack VR

  • Open the Pavlov Vr on your Quest 2
  • Go to Online and Create Coop Lobby
  • Choose a map
  • From the Filter Section, tick Gun Game, Lobby and the Region you are
  • Refresh and you’ll see your friend’s name if he’s online
  • Follow the video method if you’re facing any issue

What is the best call of duty zombies map?

When Call of duty was released for the first time, it became an instant addiction for gamers around the world.

Some players prefer to play the game with the available maps on the game and some are obsessed with custom-modded maps.

Here are some of the best call of duty zombie maps listed:

  • Shangri La.
  • Shadows Of Evil.
  • Der Eisendrache.
  • Outbreak.
  • Der Riese.
  • Origins.
  • Mob Of The Dead.
  • Kino Der Toten.

What is the hardest zombie map in Call of Duty?

Especially if you are playing with basic Gobblegums, Zetsubou No Shima is one of the hardest Zombies maps due to the speed with which the map demands you set up. You will also have difficulty setting up on the map due to the limited space available and the fact that many steps require you to remain isolated in limited areas.

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