Install Beat Saber Mods (bmbf) On Quest 2 No PC – Step By Step Process

It eventually dawned on me that I couldn’t get customized beat saber songs without installing bmbf mod from sidequest.

However, since I didn’t have a computer at the time, I just used my own compatible handset instead.

Using an Oculus link or USB C cable, you can also attach your phone to the oculus quest headset and install the BMBF app from sidequest just like you can on a PC. Let’s see the overall requirements:

  • You must need a quest compatible phones
  • You need to install Cx explorer and Sidequest app
  • You also need to downgrade your beat saber

Then you can also install different mods from directly github or discord server.

How To Install BMBF On Oculus Quest 2 Without PC?

To enjoy hassle-free setup, follow the instructions below:

  • First become a oculus developer, Open your oculus account on your phone
  • Turn on your quest 2 headset and uninstall the current beat saber game
  • Next, install the old version of beat saber from the quest browser
  • Go to “” > download the current moddable version or beat saber v1.24.0 (recommended)
  • Now install the older version of beat saber to your quest 2 through cx explorer app.
  • From your oculus quest 2 App section, click “beat saber” to open
  • Then the prompt message will appear, select launch anyway
  • Then go to play store > install “sidequest”
  • Connect your quest 2 headset and mobile via link cable
  • Then allow sidequest to access oculus quest 2
  • Now on sidequest search for bmbf > click download
  • From quest 2 > App library > Unknown sources > Allow bmbf
  • Now uninstall your current beat saber and click to patch
  • Download the modded version of beat saber and launch to enjoy

Head to the bmbf, go to beast saber and choose the song you want to download for yourself. Then click sync with beat saber and enjoy tons of free songs like them while gameplay for free.