How to Fix Blurry Oculus Quest 2

To fix blurry oculus quest 2, you can adjust the width of the lenses, and head straps to make it tight, and you can also try using the glasses adapter that was included with the box. Never forget to keep the lenses clear with a micro fiber cloth.

Oculus Quest 2 users can face blurriness when they start to use it for a long period of time although you can adjust the lenses on oculus quest 2.

Oculus Quest 2 can get blurry because of the change of room temperature, sweat, and humid environment and to clear the fox, use a soft cloth and wipe it slowly.

In this blog, we will talk about how to get rid of blurry oculus quest 2 and make it more comfortable for the eyes and how you can make Quest 2 look sharper.

Lens Spacer

The lens spacer can be used to eliminate blurry oculus quest 2 and it is included in the box of your headset.

Attach the spacer by removing the foam mask using your thumb and you’re good to go. People who wear glasses can use the lens spacer to feel more comfortable as there is more gap between your glasses and face.

Using a lens spacer will lower the field of view a little bit but help you to see more clearly. This method is best suited for playing seated games, attending meetings, or things that require no full body movement.

Adjust the IPD Settings

IPD stands for Inter Pupillary Distance which clearly mentions the distance between your pupils. If you somehow messed with these settings, just adjust the distance again to fix the blurry vision.

The lenses can be adjusted in 3 modes and can also be placed in between. Try keeping the lenses in 1,2 or 3 and also between 1 and 2, 2 and 3.

Try for yourself and maybe the image will be clear.

Adjust the Head Strap

To make the image less blurry on your oculus quest 2 you need to adjust the head strap. To make the headset image clear and sharper, the lenses should sit really well in front of your eyes.

If they are just a few millimeters up and down, it can make everything blurry. So don’t forget to adjust this top strap just make sure that you adjust this strap the way it delivers a clear image.

The top strap is to make the headset straight and the back strap is to make it tight and comfortable for the eyes and head.

Increase Resolution & Refresh Rate Using SideQuest

The sideQuest app lets you increase the resolution of your headset by optimizing the in-game performance using some field writing techniques.

  1. Click on “Run ADB Commands” in the right-top corner of the SideQuest app.
  2.  Press on “Custom Command”.
  3.  In the input field write: “ADB shell setprop debug.oculus.textureWidth 2560 && ADB shell setprop debug.oculus.textureHeight 2560”
  4.  Be careful, paste these commands without the double quotes!
  5.  Technically, you can change the numbers to even higher, but it might cause the game to stutter and run slow. 2560 by 2560 is a perfectly reasonable resolution.

Increase Refresh Rate

The SideQuest app also lets you change the refresh rate of your headset to optimize overall performance. If you’re used to enjoying a higher refresh rate content, it may be sometimes disturbing to play something lower refresh rate. I believe that could be an issue with blurry headset vision.

So, we’re gonna be looking at how to increase the refresh rate of oculus headsets using SideQuest app.

Note: Quest 2 doesn’t support anything higher than 90Hz.

  • Connect the headset via link cable with the PC
  •  Open SideQuest in the Headset
  •  Open SideQuest in your PC
  •  Go to device settings and tools
  •  You’ll see the refresh rate menu
  •  Set it to 90Hz.
  •  Press the power button on your headset to go sleep mode
  •  Press again to turn in on
  •  Now the 90Hz is applied.

You can, however, change this by typing a command into the same input field as before:

“adb shell setprop debug.oculus.refreshRate 90”

Use Prescription Lenses

VR Lens Lab

VR lens lab looks like the VR Wave lens, just one piece with a super seamless design and it’s a little bit thinner than the VR wave prescription lens.

The VR Wave lenses take up more room inside the device and they actually stick out a little bit, which is where I found the biggest issue with them. I was only able to wear these lenses for maybe five minutes max because they pinched on my nose.

So, not recommended.

VR Wave

I personally prefer the VR Wave but it is a very interesting mechanism as well as expensive. It comes in two pieces and it uses magnets to attach. You’ll see there are three magnets and they just snap into place.

The lens especially provides a blue light UV light filter so that you can enjoy any colorful content without hurting your eyes. Plus it can make the overall image look more sharp and clear.

What you have to do is, install the lens part over the eye part of your headset afterward you can let this clip as it is magnetic, it will stay there until you remove it.

Clean the Lenses

The lenses used in your VR headset are made of very high quality material. If you regularly use your headset, do not forget to clean the lenses regularly.

Always use soft clothes like microfiber to clean it and to protect it from being scratched. If there are any scratches, it will definitely make your headset video quality blurry.

How to protect your Eyes While Using VR Headset

20/20/20 Rule

This is very interesting and effective at the same time. The rule is very simple, every 20 minutes, take a 20-second break while looking 20 feet away.

Make sure you relax and blink your eyes during the break, and consider using an artificial tear to clean your eyes.

Set Up IPD Settings

There is two way you can adjust the IPD settings. The first one is to adjust it manually just by taking off the foam mask of your headset and sliding the lenses.

And the second one is to take a ruler and measure the exact distance of your pupil to adjust the lenses according to that.

Night Mode

The oculus quest 2 provides a night mode similar to how your phones and iPads and computers have a blue light filter or night mode in them.

You turn it on from the settings and it turns the display a little bit more of a warm color providing more orange colors and cutting out the blue light.

I definitely recommend using night mode on oculus quest 2 because blue light affects your biological clock and can make it trickier to fall asleep.

Adjust the Head Strap

You can tighten the top head strap on your head strap to keep the weight off of your cheeks.

The Head strap can be adjusted in two ways, the top part, and the back part. Just adjust the headset the way your eyes feel comfortable.

How do you make oculus not hurt your head?

Oculus Quest 2 users have never reported that they were feeling pain in their heads while using the headset.

If you use the VR headset too much, it can sure damage your eyes and you will feel motion sickness which will surely trick your brain, and finally, you’ll be feeling much stress in your Eyes.